First ever grow/bag seed grow

I currently have an order for strawberry kush seeds in . I acquired six bag seeds from a friend and decided to germinate. So far three have sprouted roots, two are now seedlings. Two seeds turned black and are assumed to be dead, I will however keep trying until im certain. The last remaining seed still holds color and hope of germing. From the amount of seeds I had, three sprouting is okay accouting for duds. I’m expecting one girl from the three that made it to soil two or more would be ideal. Im growing in pots in my apartment by sunlight, I have all white walls with light carpet and several windows facing north, I get a lot of sunlight and it is very bright inside. My growing medium is MG potting soil. I will be watering with a tap water aloe vera mix.The room is a constant 70 to 73 degrees I also have a small fan aimed at the seedlings. I am attaching pics of my seedlings, please comment and I will be posting updates.


Do you plan on using the sun from the Windows throughout the entire grow? Just curious

Soooo idk how to upload pics. Yes I hope to get the females to flower at least once by natural light.

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Tap water? do you have any idea of your local water’s ph? ppm do you know the N-P-K of the soil you are starting in? it will be on bag somewhere. you should avoid the direct fan aswell yes it strengthens plant but only if super light and intermittent a constant breeze will stunt or dry a seedling very fast they don’t have the roots to provide water as fast as fan will pull it away let alone the cold air.

Hey Donaldj would care to pop on my thread and give me a few tips if you have any I don’t wanna take away from our guys thread here.

I’m with you Danfos I’m not using much in the way of light for now until I can buy some and this is my first grow off a bag seed as well. I have pictures on my thread I started if you wanna see my seedling lol. Hope I can pass some knowledge to you as I get some more.

@KushCook you can post my name in post with @ or invite me if you wish?

Update. One of three seedlings survived. My baby has a weak stem and is growing at a slow rate. No doubt due to lack of proper lighting and my inexperience. The leaves are a nice vibrant green though and it seems more sprout everyday. The pics above are what im working with. As you see I have the stem supported. Im not expecting much from her just want her to survive. My next grow ill actually have a set up with some cfl bulbs an intake and extake fan and timers for my lights.

The new little girl is strawberry kush from this site. I’ve decided to call my mut los bastardos verde meaning the green bastard.

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Are the sides of that glass pot covered from light getting through? I can’t tell from the pictures

No, the soil is exposed. Should I cover it with something?

Currently I have a fan in the room for air flow. I want to upgrade my grow box with an exhaust fan and an intake vent. I also have two lights with led bulbs. I want to get a third and cfl bulbs. I would also like to get a few timers and some new pots so I can flush the nutes

Yesss, definitely cover the glass immediately! Roots need darkness, and the lights will only hurt the grow.

Update: feb29: The bag seeds producing leaves much larger than before. The strawberry is also producing fairly large leaves, and is working on its third set of true leaves. So today im going to put them in new pots. One concern is the curling of my leaves both the tip and sides are curling.

Get a pH meter or some other pH tester…you will need it…curling can mean pH problems and you need the exact number.

The babies do not need fertilizer from you until the 4th set of real leaves. One photo shows 1 real set, starting the 2nd. Curling can mean fertilizer burn too, too much, too soon.

Thank you. I went to get a ph meter today but they were sold out so im forced to wait. I did get bigger pots, two more LED bulbs, two adapters to add extra bulbs to my lamps, two light timers, a spade and some new sappling soil with less added nutes.

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Found spider mites and eggs on my one plant. No car and no cash until pay day, so I boiled down some chewing tobacco in water to make a liquid nicotine concentrate which I sprayed on my plants. I’ve read that the nicotine will kill any spider mites on contact but wont penetrate the eggs so I will keep applying over the next few days.

Fighting with my own mite problem got rid of them in veg room but they are all through my flower room just went ape shit with DE today let me know how nicotine works for you I used DR doom mitey wash and dish soap water rinse in veg room they were gone within a week. Floramite is a good product but can’t be used in flower much like Dr doom but so small plants you should be able to off them all easily enough washing leaves

So far so good. Ive been keeping my eye on things and it looks like the mites are gone. I will be continuing the spray treatments though and im planning on hitting the room all around with soap and water spray.

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