First ever grow and kit

Looking good. Since photo I would be finding that forever home and setting them free.

Thanks, I’m actually getting myself motivated and transplanting the nicer one into gallon mesh here today. The smaller one is the last one I germinated and showing signs of possibly being a good one to. The rest I’m holding on for a minute. I got 6 twenty20 Mendocino seeds in germ now. 3 girl crush and 3 made of honor.
Also one of the guys that works at local hydroponic store is a licensed farmer. He just gave me a few that I have in germ that a friend of his breed called Washington mac1. But what I’m really holding out for is the blue dream he has in plugs right now. Basically I’m going to choose the best looking of 5 to keep since I only got a 5x5 tent and put rest in woods or something. .

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Ok guys I just transferred all 5 fem zkittlzz to gallon size mesh bags and watered. Jacked my light to 70 percent approximately 2 ft above which reads around 775 ppf and 50 dli. Set my CO2 to 1000 ppm with a 200 deadband.
The 3 made of honor seeds from twenty20 Mendocino have germinated and put in soil. I got them as close to wall of tent as possible and would read approx 250-high 200s. Here are some pics hopefully I’m on target here. Oh and the other little pots are lemon sprouts.
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While I’m at it… How do I test the run off ? Any run off is like coffee colored and has soil in it. Am I supposed to buy coffee filters or something? Then wouldn’t mess with the ppm count? The soil I use is going to be good for awhile but I’m thinking I might want to veg these for as long as I can . I’m sure at some point I’m going to need to start using nutes.

Good news! I just saved money by switching away from gieco. :joy: It’s not the good news and I’m being silly but is true .
Anyway I just realized how far off my timeline is. My first pic of seedlings was only 22 days ago so the 3 medium sized girls are really close to a month old, not close to the 6 weeks as I somehow felt it was. ( Thanks 2 this forum and date of pictures on phone) The one doing significantly better than rest is only about 3 weeks and the smaller one is under that.
There is a visable difference in all of them since i transferred to gallon mesh , ramped up light to 70 percent / 775 ppfd/ 50 dli, ramped up CO2 to 1000 ppm , and watered with a little micro. They look so much more perky/alive/ and can even see growth in last couple days . :+1:

2 of my " made of honor" sprouted. One about an inch or so higher that had what I think is referred to as helmet head? I carefully as possible broke it off. The other is also a helmet but is barely at top of soil, going to let it go for awhile and hopefully she will loose on her own. Of course I planted more shallow than I did with zkittlzz.

Even lemon seedlings are taking off well.
Soil is still a little moist will wait a day or 2 before watering again.
Yeee-freaking-haaaw let’s go…oh I mean let’s grow :joy: