First Ever Grow, 8-Site RDWC, 5x9, LED

Starting my first ever grow with a 60 gal/8-site RDWC set up in a 5x9 Gorilla tent. The lung room is a MI basement averaging around 63/67 deg and 55% RH with 65/90 deg outdoor temps throughout these summer days.

The ladies are accompanied by:

  • 2x Kind K5 xl750s
  • 6" exhaust fan w/ carbon filter
  • 3x 6" clip-on fans & 36" oscillating tower fan
  • Oil heater w/ Inkbird
  • Humidifier w/ Inkbird
  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor

The clones are a mix of Purple Drank Breath and Sophie’s Breath, and yes, they are literally mixed without identification, but that’s how they were received. It might get tricky feeding these strains in one system, especially since I will be unsure of which strains are alike. But we will see how it goes. Giving the Flora Trio a try with Armor Si, Calimagic, and Hydroguard. Open to suggestions in the additives department when we get there.

I started (12) clones in a 10-gal DIY bubble cloner with 4x 4" Airstones and 2x medium round stones. Cut stems underwater in a cup at 45, dipped into Clonex gel, and placed into the cloner. Light is dialed to 25% power with Kind’s “cloning spectrum” (R: 15%, B: 30%, M: 30%). Light is set for 24H.

Room : is at 76 deg, +/- 2 deg, and 82% RH +/- 3%.

Water : is 73 deg, pH 6.2, appx 6 gals RO with 10ml Hydroguard


Nice set up man, I’m jealous…

Looking good . Ph is a tad high, shoot for 5.8 for best results. I try to keep any fluctuations between 5.6 and 5.9

And Welcome to the forums.


The cloner only has hydroguard in it. Since there are no nutes I was under the impression that the pH is not a concern unless it is really far out of ideal range. @BetrayedSoul

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@letsgroo the plain water still need the proper ph as @BetrayedSoul mentioned. You want the plants to have the best environment possible, especially in hydro as hydro is not forgiving. Looks pretty good though!


Okay, thanks. I’ll go drop the pH a bit. They are all perked up now after a few days of adjusting.


Day 6: The clones are looking alright. Some of the newer growth is droopy and those leaf centers are looking more bright green than before. No signs of roots or stubs. I plan on changing the RO water + hydroguard tomorrow.

I noticed a brown spot on one of the fan leaves, I think it was caused by a water droplet. Is there any harm in leaving it on or is it best to remove it?

Room: 76 deg / 82% rh

Water: 74 deg / 5.8 pH

Day 13: 10 plants have started rooting, first signs on day 11. No water change, waiting on a part for the RO permeate pump. I found that the 4" linear airstones were absolute garbage and replaced them with the medium round airstones from ecoplus a few days ago. An inconvenient design flaw on the cloner was feeding the airlines through the lid rather than the side of the bin. I will definitely change this for the next round.

Room: 76 deg / 82% rh

Water: 74 deg / 5.8-6.1 pH


Starting week 2 of flower @ 1200 ppm