First ever attempt at growing

Hello everyone! This is my very first post here on this forum. :slight_smile: I’ve been creeping around on the website for some time now and decided to make an account so I can post here. First off I would like to say that this website and its forum members are awesome! I can tell by the responses of some of the posts I’ve read that you are all extremely helpful and very kind to each other.

Being in a state that allows up to 3 plants to be legally grown I figured why not, lets try to grow some! What started as a simple idea sort of turned into a slight obsession. I haven’t even started growing yet but i can see how this is addicting. My setup will be inside my room as my room is fortunately big and I had a lot of open space. Here’s what I have…

3x3x6 grow tent by ViperSpectra
Viperspectra 900W light
AC infinity 6" exhaust fan which will hook up to a filter and ill be venting it out the top of the tent into my room. ( I hope that wont be an issue, assuming the huge filter will be good enough to keep the smell somewhat contained)
Ill be growing 3 Autoflowering Gorilla Glue seeds in 3 gallon fabric bags using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil.
I live in a very dry climate so my Humidity inside is around 20% or lower, So I bought a little humidifier off Amazon to use during the early stages to keep RH up.
I have an oscillating tower fan inside for air circulation.
And I also just ordered a portable AC unit as the current temp in my room is usually like 80 degrees during the day…even with the current AC on. :frowning: So I needed one anyway. It was a win win buying that. Ill keep that in my room which will help keep the temps inside the tent where i want them.

I do not have pics now as im waiting for the AC Infinity fan, piping, AC unit, and seeds to arrive. Ill upload once everything is all up and running. Likely this weekend.
I feel confident going into this for the most part, the one thing I’m still struggling to fully understand is the watering and nutrients. From my understanding, I wont really need to use nutrients until about week 5? or so. If someone can correct me on that, it would be great!

My plan is to start germination by placing the seeds in a glass of room temp water overnight/ or 24 hours until I see little tails popping out. Once that happens I will be placing them in Rapid Rooters which will be placed in their final destination into the 3gallon bags full of the Happy Frog soil. I will likely have my light hanging as high as I can and watch the seedling as they grow and adjust height as needed. Initially I will try to keep my tent at 77-79 degrees with 60% RH and slowly lower RH as the weeks go by.
As this will be my first ever grow, I wanted to create this post more or less as somewhat of a journal to track my progress, ask for help, as well as share my journey with all of you. I wasn’t expecting this first post to be so long, I just wanted to let you all know my setup and my plan, and any advice you can provide me will be great! I will start getting pictures up soon as my setup is finished and ill keep updating as my progress continues throughout this grow!

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My Ph and PPM meters arrive tomorrow, ill be testing my tap water here… My plan is to use tap water for this grow. Ill post results tomorrow.

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Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

You can add nutes sooner in Happy frog, it’s not hot as FFOF. I use the fox farms trio for nutes, also my first grow, am happy with them.

Yes, it’s an addictive hobby, just wait till they start growing!

Best of luck, Happy growing!


tap water usually has chlorine in it that plants do not like

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Hmmm. Will the PPM meter show otherwise or would you suggest a different option? Distilled water?

@Ryanz27 when I use tap water I fill a gallon bottle and set it out in the sun for the afternoon un capped. This lets the sun breakdown and off gas the chlorine. Ive found even when the test strips show no chlorine our tap still has the smell at times.

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Oooo I like that idea! My balcony faces west and gets sun all afternoon so that would be perfect. I will test my water tomorrow from the tap, then ill try your method and test it again to see if there are any changes.

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I dont see any change on the tester, unless a dust storm blows through, which is frequent this time of year for me. But its no joke, if you search you’ll see that the sun does this job. Heck I have to put another $2 of Chlorine in the pool tonight. Sure some does its job, but the sun bakes off a good chunk. Tap water it happens faster as the volume is smaller and no CYA to protect the chlorine in any tap water that i know off (at least reported levels).

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Good to know. First i guess ill just test my water and see where I’m at.

Just thought of another question, Since these are auto flowering seeds. My light has a Bloom and Veg switch. I can just run it on both from the start right? Or just to be safe should I stick with Veg only at first?

Do you have the make and model light handy?

At seedling I might run just the veg switch, but by the end of the 1st week I’m at full blast in hydro. In soil maybe first 2 weeks on veg only?

How many hours you planning on running for lights? I’ve had good results at 20/4 lighting with autos.

Its the Viperspectra 900W. This exact one

Would I need to stick with 1 set schedule the entire time for autos? For example could I do 18/6 at first and then switch to 12/12?

I know autos arent too picky for lighting but I always see different amounts people using for them.

Alright I got my pH and PPM meters. They were just cheap digital ones on amazon so I’m
not sure how accurate they are. I did a few tests with my tap water each and got different but similar results.

PH averages around 8.0

PPM average around 55-60

Im picking up some PH down so I can get my water to about 6.5 or so.

I’m not too familiar with PPM though. I know what it stands for, but unsure what a safe level is for growing. Thoughts??

I got another question. I have my AC infinity fan all set up. Where would be a good place to put the temp/humidity probe?

Got everything up and running. Temp and humidity set. (Humidity is a little low atm but should be around 60 by the time I plant them) Got my seeds germinating in water, I hope to get them planted tomorrow morning in Rapid Rooters placed in their final spot.

That’s my passive intake at the bottom. I taped some filter foam to it to prevent dog hair and what not going in.

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Nice looking set up…there some very knowledgeable people here.they will help you…

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I have my temp/humidity reading probe hanging slightly above my lights. I’ve been having some issues with the programming Auto setting on my AC infinity… unless I’m not understanding it right. If I set the high temp to 81 and the probe reading it 82… nothing happen. If I set the high temp setting to 80, the fan come on… it’s like it doing the opposite of what it should be doing. If the temp is lower than my max setting why would the fan come on?

Can anyone with knowledge of using the fox farm trio nutrients help me with something? I’m confused by the guide it comes with. There’s a feeding schedule for soil. And a feeding schedule for using Fox Farm Happy Frog, which is using. The guide for soil shows using all 3 of the nutrients. But only the Big Bloom is mentioned to use for The Happy Frog Guide. So I only need the big bloom?

Anyone? I know I don’t need to use nutrients now, but I’d like to become prepared for when the time comes.

The ac infinity fans are great, but unless the logic in operating in that SMART mode has improved, I would find a good speed based on tent suck in and smell. I use a t6 exhaust and t4 for intake. I hang the intake sensor toward the top of my buckets, and the exhaust sensor at canopy level. But its mostly for show of temps. Smart mode even when i get it set right, just seemed to cycle down too soon so it would get stuck between speeds at the set point.