First effort 11day pics

yellow_stripe1 hi, i have a few pics of my first grow. wwaf order #470168. i have numerous pics of 1 plant. yellow stripes… silver lustre under hps
temp 90 deg f
humidity 40% light 18 on 6 off low dose of epsom salts, ant miracle grow 70% strength mix black gold soil

any comments or advise is appreciated!
image file:///home/hp1/Pictures/wwaf1_11_6_19/20191106_12%20days1.jpg

image file:///home/hp1/Pictures/wwaf1_11_6_19/20191106_151754.jpg


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Your overwatering your plant which is making you think that you have issues…
If you keep it up , you will , your soil will become anaerobic and will lead to plant death…
That soil has plenty of nutrients in it , no need to add any for a while…
Your plant is yellowing out do to overwatering , which is going to lead to a ph imbalance , which will lead to bad organisms in your soil , which will lead to plant death… :grimacing:
Do you have the right tools to monitor ph and ppm…?


thanks for support ive acquired litmus for ph . will do asap