First DWC Wedding Cake Journal

I just finished Wedding Cake auto. This one was a short stocking plant that turned out pretty and purple. Going to taste test later today.


@LateNightGardner beautiful color. How’d the taste test go?

I’m working on BC Bud Depot " The Black" right now. Rough start had a worm eating her up she bounced back. Didn’t veg long because I just wanted to finish her. Here’s the two I have in Soil.
Also have a seedsman Alaskan Purple in Soil and a bag seed Candyland just put in a bubbler. Happy growing my friend. Nice looking buds

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Look like she’s stretching and healthy. Both look healthy. I’m guessing your 8-10 weeks out?! Down here in Texas the heat has me on the sidelines for a few more weeks then I’ll start germinating.
I lost some sense of smell January with a case of the Covid. Not too bad except for losing my sense of smell.
Getting better everyday, just got to keep sampling. My peps say it’s good and tasty and I can say it’s gets more tasty everyday.
Good luck with your Black and Purple girls.
About to sample some choice Wedding Cake. Love the purple, green, orange and silvery dank ness.

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