First DWC Wedding Cake Journal

Hey guys, okay so this will be my first attempt at DWC.

Start off with essentials:

Strain: Wedding Cake - (seed came from dispensary nug)

Nutes: Lotus + hydrogaurd if needed

PH: averaging 6.1 so far

PPM: currently 340, lotus says the dose should be at 450 so not sure what is going on there

Ambient: 75

Humidity: 40-50%

Tank Temp: 68

Light: SF2000 dimmed all the way down at 24” of height.

Here is a picture, any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


Should add, seed was germinated 12/10/2020

Ppm variation to chart could be water ppms not to worry. Turn that brightness up and at 24" you should be good at this point.

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What brightness would you suggest? It’s currently all the way down, maybe bump to 25%?

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100% full grow ahead! :wink::grin: I run a Mars Hydro 2000 similar I suppose - at 100% all the way through grows just adjusting height.

Awesome, thanks @neofirebird

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Your roots have dropped through the net right? Make sure you have an air gap between water level and bottom of net. :wink:

Water is kept about 1-2” below the pot, probably 5-10 roots have made it into that water now

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Awesome good good.

Question, the first true leaves seem to be canoeing… temps have been stable around 75, humidity around 40%. Ph drifted up to 6.6, I try to maintain 6.3, light still at same height and full power. Ppm was 310 this morning. Not sure what’s going on, only using lotus grow currently at about 75% strength…


In hydro you should shoot much lower like 5.8 if it drifts upwards pH it down and repeat testing solution pH often

Note bottom chart for hydro pH levels


@neofirebird big thanks man, she really started growing this past week here’s an update pic, she’s gonna be a fatty


Looking great :grin:

6 days later, must say I’m impressed with these lotus nutrients


Switching her to flower this Saturday


@mcjlgrow Very nice looking plant. Quick question if I may.

I just received a sample pack of Lotus to try on a Cookies Gelato seedling I started with Advanced Nutrients ph perfect. Hope you don’t mind my asking, but is the solution (Grow) clear. I mixed at 1/2tsp/1gal. No color at all.

Is your grow solution clear as well and are you using anything else?

Also tap/distilled/RO water?

Thx for any assistance.

Happy flowering

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Sorry for late reply, it will have clear appearance throughout, ended up yielding 12 oz. mostly due to space and light constraints. Follow the schedule from lotus, I had great results. Just keep an eye on the ph, I had to balance twice a day, no crazy deficiencies or anything.

I used distilled water, start to finish was about 100 gallons, so call it $100 in water

@mcjlgrow Thanks for you response brother. I’m 4 weeks in veg now using it. I’ve used hydroguard 4ml/4gal and give her a shot of recharge 24hrs before water change. Now that I’ve stopped using tap water my deficiency went away. Our tap water has something they do not like. I’m 0-4 in dwc so far for one reason or other. I am liking the Lotus pretty well. Extremely easy. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Take care Sir
Couple photos of Cookies Gelato in veg and a soil grown Dutch Passion Blackberry Kush Auto.
1st Auto but color is going to be amazing. Amy way thanks again . Peace

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