First dwc hydro grow ever

Update on the girl she’s doing great seeing small roots coming from bottom of rock wool have a little clonex yesterday and seems to be doing really well

Pics, pics. Let’s see some pics :rofl: never get tired of seeing plants growing. It’s also handy incase some of us see potential problems developing

I’ll post some as soon as I get home from this job should b soon. I will say because of the rock wool being new to me getting used to when it’s needs water is a little different

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Just going through a nightmare with vivosun now trying to get my ballast warranties cause it fried out after a month worst customer service never buy vivosun

Rockwool is great. It holds the water well and also allows air to circulate through it. You wont need to top feed for long. The roots will be in the water in no time after they break through the bottom of the rockwool. Naturally the moisture in the bucket will feed the roots aswel so you can go light with the watering.

I only use LEDs. More expensive but simpler and more energy efficient. I cant help with what lights your using.

I put my led in the tent with my hps and the plants are absolutely loving it

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I’m lucky I had a backup light yesterday or I could have been in some big trouble

@HanJolo here’s a few pics of jill I named her that cause it’s a jack 47 so I figured jack and Jill

and one little lonely root popping through


Looks great. And healthy. Love the names. :rofl: You can plant the rockwool in the bucket now the root has popped out

Rockwool still looks moist. It’s easy to identify with rockwool. I’d guess 2 days before the roots in the water in your bucket

You don’t think I should leave it in the dome for one more day. Also I don’t want the lights in my tent to overpower it. @HanJolo I do like how it’s growing in the rock wool though

That’s completely your decision. It wont hurt to leave it an extra day, I put my seedlings in the buckets as soon as the roots popped out. Every grow is different and ultimately you want to make it your grow. Take advice, not direction

Yeah I think I’m gonna give it one more day to establish maybe I’ll see a few more roots in the morning

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What rooms should I shoot for this first feed. And gonna be using the silica blast hudroguard cal mag and the fox farms nutes I also have the azos is that used in a hydro system or no @HanJolo

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I didnt feed nutes to my seedlings. When I did the first time, killed them. I waited till veg and the plant was stronger to start feeding. I stuck with PH 5.8 water only. It did me no harm

So when did you start feeding when it put on like two nodes or?? I gave it a little clonex which Is very mild so maybe just using that at first will give it just a little kick but not overdoing it

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Here’s a a little family pic of my soil girls

they’re liking the mixture I made up for the soil may not even have to use nutes til late in flower

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Bingo, once it had developed a few fan leaves and 2-3 nodes. I could have fed sooner but didnt want to risk nute burn early as I’d killed earlier seedlings

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They look awesome. Very happy girls there

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