First dwc hydro grow ever

I use the bubble wrap from Lowe’s. It’s called reflextic they have different widths. It’s in the insulation department.


Thanks that’s exactly what I was looking at on their site. It works well I suppose @spyonyou


I like to think so. :+1:t2::yum::sunglasses:


I have a sample of orca but yet to use it…

I used reflective insulation for my grow boxes, pretty much the same thing.

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Hey brother if you care to read any, here is what I have going on right now.

Not my first grow but, it is my first rdwc grow.
Sooo much sweeter growing in water imho.

It started out as dwc but you’ll see why I chose rdwc.
Good luck! If I can help you any, let me know and I’ll call @Covertgrower for ya!!! haha! :joy::rofl::joy: :+1:t2::sunglasses:


The bubble wrap foil is great, just forgot to mention it. The Mylar it’s made from reflects differently off that.

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Often wondered if the mylar would have been a better option. I think I’m gonna hang some bubble wrap on a curtain rod next grow to fill the void in the front.

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hey buddy, how you going? am i going to be the first one to suggest u swap the bucket for a 20 gallon tote? :grinning: if this has been covered, i apologies but it makes a more suitable amount of nutrients IMO… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink: :smirk: :grin:


Hey There,

I would love to pass on some of my new knowledge since we are both running DWC Hydroponics.

Mine is a 12 bucket system using 5 gal buckets. I also purchased the round air stones to improve aeration at the root level. The best way I found is to drill a hole just above the first lip next to your water level tube. I ran my hoses through and connected by air stone to the bottom with simple suction. They work Great! The benefit is your only buying the air stones and using the existing hoses and air pumps.

This also allows you to avoid root tangle making removal of the net pot for nutrient adds etc… issue proof.

I purchased two of the long shop power strips (8 ft) and ran one on each side of the room so that plugging in would be a problem and I can divide the load among the circuits to avoid electrical/fire issues. Also, I’m using an old room which is half the garage converted into an embroidery business, so the electrical was updated to handle the bigger loads of machines running and of course a window a/c unit.

Lights are Full Spectrum LED which I put three on each side interconnected to cover all 12 pots. I also modified the main overhead 4 bulb florescent shop light by removing the ballast. I then purchased full spectrum T12 to fit the fixture for full room lighting.

The walls are lined with aluminum foil and I used the drop ceiling grid to hang the lights.

The initial investment to do this right and purchase everything you need will run up to 5k. Remember, I went full legal and am growing my limit. You can start small and grow.

With a modest yield of 4 oz per plant per three grows per year, I should have plenty of medicine and can legally sell products from the leaf product that do not contain THC such as tinctures, leaf tea, etc… There are numerous money making methods for what would essentially be waste. As long as their is no THC in the product the opportunity is there. Something to think about.

I hate waste and love being efficient in everything I do. This is my scientific nature which explains my education in all things computers/networks etc.

I hope that my experience can help you in some way and maybe you have some suggestions for me, since I too have issues I’m working through for the first time.

Good Luck,



I also wanted to share with you about my germination process for the DWC Hydro that I used.

I purchased the kit with the propagation dome and heater pad. I wanted to control the heat so I added the controller. I purchased the Mars Full Spectrum light hung it over the dome. I also purchased a Blue light spectrum light that allowed me to add blue light directly to the propagation dome. Since it came with three adjustable, bendable lights I was able to bend them around the sides and one on top to add the blue light which the seedlings need more of at this stage.

I learned that soaking the seeds until the root comes out and then transplanting root down into peat pellets which I eventually introduced to my clay pebble medium when I felt they where big enough. I read 3-5 inches tall was a good transition point.

My issue was I had germination issues and some plants are simply older than others etc. so I am dealing with growth rate issues in relation to feeding schedule (Which week am I in?).

I realize genetics and strain play a big role but I have two plants that will clearly be ready to flower before the rest and I’m not sure If I should hold them back until the other catch up.

Hope this helps.

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I’m sure I’ll upgrade soon I’m always expanding just no room I’m the tent until my soil grows finish up and plus want to get my hands wet pun intended with something a little smaller at first @kettle so small update my bean popped overnight putting it I. Paper towel to grow that tail drilled the two holes in my bucket for the air lines I’m ready to go just waiting on this bean now so excited I’m smiling from ear to ear like a kid on Christmas one question I do have though since your not filling these buckets up all the way I’m not going to mix in 5 gal worth of nutes what do they hold about should I be mixing them to 3 1/2 or 4 gallons @bossowner @PharmerBob @Noctis420 @Covertgrower

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I fill mine up about 2/3 way just make sure your net pots aren’t dunking in the water

Now everyone keeps saying the five gallon too big for seedlings what if I use a dripper until they’re well established I have those droppers you screw a water bottle into I can prop that on top somehow and let it do it’s thing or what. @PharmerBob


If it has roots you can always let it have a try in the setup

Be prepared to chop or rip out any that don’t make it.

Never allow a slow or dying plant to slow down your setup, I try to start 2x the amount I actually need for my next grow

We shall see seed should b ready for Rockwool by tomorrow I have my veg led hung and I do have those little spider lights I call them the leds that bend they have blue and red I run the blue though never even really turned on the red on ghem

A decent root system will help it a long way before going into the setup.

Allow it to establish in the rock wool for a while

For sure I will should I be propping the Rockwool up on like a grate so the roots have somewhere to go or what. Or just set it I the bottom of the dome I really do appreciate the help @PharmerBob boy I wish I was I. A legal state so they’re was more people doing I learn so much better by first hand experience I wish they put like a video chat thing on this site so you can really learn from people

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I just want to thank everyone for their great input without everyone I don’t know if I’d have the condo fence to do this. But with all your help your making it possible to grow my own medicine so thanks a bunch. @PharmerBob @Noctis420 @Covertgrower @Deepsix @bossowner Sure they’re a probably more but I can’t remember everyone’s handles due to my MS but wanted to say thanks


What is your rockwool sitting i ?