First DWC attempt

Just wait until you run out of room in there! I’m with @peachfuzz they’ll eat what they need, as long as they’re not burning or reacting negatively I say. :grin::v: I’m feeding to chart she looks happy.


So a plant sure will eat what it needs.

It all goes bad when the rh isn’t proper and the plant drinks just to have water. But it also gets nutrients which is what causes the burn. So if your vpd is not perfe t it will burn for sure.

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PPM would increase too if it only gets water, right?
And what is vpd?

I noticed these brown spots on the big fan leaves of my biggest plant, the GSCx. I’m not sure what it is, everything else seems fine with her. All the other reservoirs had risen ever so slightly in pH (6.15-6.2), where this one stayed at 6.0. She’s also the reservoir that dropped the most as far as TDS goes (540-550).
I didn’t think this is nute burn, I always associated that with yellowing tips. And diagnosing nutrient deficiency/excess is definitely my weak point.
Any one have any ideas?

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Maybe a bad idea since I don’t know what’s going on with her leaves. But topped the GSCx today.

No I don’t watch vpd closely I seen to manage :v:

Only water would be less ppms

This is why you don’t wanna skimp on Si or Cal mag and so on. Hence you end up with higher ppm numbers like on the chart. I just fed my current Zkittlez week three.

I’ve seen another similar one I prefer they diagram but same idea.

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Based off this very helpful graphic that’s shared on several threads, I’m thinking Potassium (K) excess? What do you guys think?

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I’ve had fan leaves like that before in about a week pull those affected leaves. And keep it growing on. :grin::v:

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Okay good to know, did you have to lower nutrients? Or just kept going as you were? @neofirebird

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I never have lowered my ppms but if I was off, clean the bucket and mix a full feeding. The nutes bring the pH of the water down, don’t lower ppms adjust pH.

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Sorry, been a hectic couple of weeks… updates coming

Day 26 for GSCx, Gelato, WC — day 20 for GDP

Topped WC and GDP today!


Day 30 for GSCx, Gelato, WC — day 24 for GDP

Feeding/water change today:

4ml of ArmorSi, 6.5ml of CALiMAGic, 1/2 scoop great white mycorrhizae, 10ml hydroguard, 19ml micro, 25ml gro, 6.5ml bloom, 6.5ml rapidstart, 2.5ml floralicious plus, 25ml diamond nectar, 25ml florablend


5.91pH 617ppm 64*


5.94pH 616ppm 64*


5.94pH 607ppm 64*


6.01pH 624ppm 64*



Day 32 for GSCx, Gelato, WC — day 26 for GDP

Did some LST and some topping today




Gelato - the brown/yellow spots that have been on this girl since she was a seedling are showing no signs of going away or slowing down


Wow your armor si and Cal mag are way low. I use 6ml of hydroguard in three gallons and 15ml of Cal mag is on the feed chart… I’m confused why you’re off? :man_shrugging::thinking::v:

I’ve been giving half of the values of what’s on the chart. I decided to do this after reading on this site, a lot of people recommended it, said full values on manufacturers feed charts can burn the plants.

Working out so far, might increase to 3/4 or full value in flower though.

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Day 37 for GSCx, Gelato, WC — day 31 for GDP

Feed day! Each of them got 1/2 of the given values for the late growth column. Decided not to feed Gelato because she’s looking rough, probably getting rid of her. All following values are for 5 gallons:

5ml ArmorSi, 12.5ml CALiMAGic, 1/2 scoop mycorrhizae, 10ml hydroguard, 25ml micro, 25ml gro, 12.5ml bloom, 6.5ml RapidStart, 2.5ml Floralicious plus, 25ml diamond nectar, 25ml FloraBlend

5.87pH 787ppm

5.91pH 771ppm

5.92pH 797ppm





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Day 39 for GSCx, Gelato, WC — day 33 for GDP

Put the Gelato out of her misery today unfortunately. She was only getting worse with whatever she had going on. All plants got same feeding, so I don’t think it’s nutritional. Not sure what it is… Until I find out something else, I’m just going to write it off as disease or genetics.

Set up now with 3 plants left… Girl Scouts Cookies Extreme, Wedding Cake, Granddaddy Purple