First complete indoor grow


Watering time!!

MW gets 2 gallons of spring water with 1 1/2 tsp Tiger Bloom pH’d to 7.2.
7.2 in
6.6 out
PPM 505 in
PPM 385 out

BGA’s both got 1 gallon spring water with 1 tsp Tiger Bloom pH’d to 6.5. pH 6.4 out. Didn’t check PPM as they both have no signs of anything other than nice multiple flowers everywhere.


Just thought I’d put these here because they’re pretty.


They are some sexy young ladies… im guessing thats that same BGA on the top pic?

Outta likes but image


@PurpNGold74 those are the (2) BGA’s.


MW starting to bud up nicely. BGA’s putting on big weight and some leaves starting to change to a beautiful shade of purple. Think I’m only a couple weeks away from harvest on those.


Looking really good


Which one is the BGA? Curious to see how they are turning out😉

I’m guessing the bottom one?


The bottom (2) are BGA and the top is my MW.


That very bottom bud is gorgeous!


Took down the smallest of the (2) BGA’s tonight. Didn’t have time to get the other one. I’m going to give it a couple more days to compare results. Got just short of 300g wet. Completely happy with that. Many tight buds with a couple of big ones. Here’s what it all looks like with one pic of the biggest cola.


Congrats @GetbackJoJo. It’s a great feeling


Congratulations on the harvest!


@GetbackJoJo yay! Now dry and cure those buds so u can get baked. Smoke!!!


Watered the MW tonight. 2 gallons spring water with 2 tsp Tiger Bloom and 1 tsp Calmag. I’ve had some pretty massive yellowing of leaves. I pH’d it 7.0 in and 6.5 out. PPM was 963 in and 1071 out. Does that technically constitute nute lockout or am I still in range? It could be that I’m not watering her enough. She drank all 2 gallons and less than 10% run-off.


I think a runoff of 6.5 and 1100 is pretty good. I think your idea of increasing watering a bit maybe combined with a slight increase in nutrient dosage is good. When do you plan on cutting off nutrients altogether for pre-harvest?


@Sixpackdad she’s starting to get really sticky and the buds are picking up weight. I was going to start checking trichs in a couple weeks. I’m about a week or so behind you. I have at least another 2 or 3 feedings along with regular watering.


Congratulations! Those are some sweet buds :heart_eyes:


Yup congrats on the chop. Very sweet haul! Look like some primo smoke. :clap:t5::clap:t5:


Took down BGA #2 tonight. Not nearly the weight but more buds. Jarred up #1 and so begins the curing. May have sampled a small piece. Just damn! Have a few weeks left on the MW.


Both BGA’s are curing. I’ve got another week or two on the MW. Been giving her spring water with 3 tsp Tiger Bloom with 1 tsp Calmag pH’d to 7.0-7.2. The new growth and fattening of the colas has been awesome! Hairs getting dark but trichs still clear to partly cloudy. The BGA’s are a nice mellow chill smoke. Only looking for them to get better with age.