First complete indoor grow


Weird about that not being able to post thing.
Hope this post helps nice looking pics in the garden


I should have known better about the pH issue. Lesson learned: calibrate the meter every few months to make sure the readings are correct!

MW has no less than 20 kola sites. The BGA’s are in full flowering mode as well.

Watered the MW tonight. 2 gallons of spring water with 1 1/2 tsp (each gallon) of Tiger Bloom pH’d to 7.2. PPM in was 713. PPM out was 638. pH out was 6.6.

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Any thoughts??


Dyno-mite are my thoughts! I’m not a soil grower but they look super to me, keep on keeping on!!!


That 7.2 jumps out at me. But 6.6 is on the money! And she looks mighty fine to me. Guessing that soil pH was lower? Anywho keep that meter calibrated. Time to :white_check_mark: mine tonight. Thanks for the lesson


All looks great so keep moving on 1


Looking good to me.


BGA’s are doing their thing. Watering tomorrow. Will try to get some natural light photos in the morning.

I noticed tonight that the MW is filling out the 7 gallon fabric with roots. I stuck my finger into the pot and can barely wiggle it into it. It is super tight. Not sure if this is going to cause any issues down the road.


Ran 2 gallons of spring water through the MW tonight. 7.1 pH in and 6.6 pH out. She was definitely thirsty. About 10% runoff. Color is much better. No white tips on new growth. Counted (25) flowers on her.

Gave the bigger BGA a 1/2 gallon of 6.7 pH spring water last night. Gave the other BGA the same tonight. The smaller has more flowers but the bigger looks stronger and taller.

Here’s a couple of pics I got under the basement light.


looking good


BGA’s got 3/4 of a gallon each of spring water with 1 tsp of Tiger Bloom then pH’d to 6.5. They are blowing up with flowers now. White pistils everywhere.

Will feed the MW tomorrow night.


BGA #1


Maui Wowie


Nice Maui, here’s mine from yesterday.


@Sixpackdad looks like we’re running neck and neck. What are you anticipating for flowering time? ILGM says 9 weeks. That puts me mid to late February. The BGA’s should be ready early January.


I flipped to 12/12 on 11/20. So I am hoping by mid to late January.


@Sixpackdad I flipped to 13/11 on 11/18 so I’m a week behind you.


Why 13/11 as opposed to 12/12
Inquiring minds want to know


@Sixpackdad in my canabis induced mind I thought the extra hour a day would do something. Going from 18/6 to 13/11 definitely made them cross over to flower.


Watered the MW last night with 2 gallons of 7.2 spring water. 6.6 out. Gave the BGA twins a gallon each of 6.5 pH’d spring water. Very droopy this morning. Checked tonight and all 3 are gorgeous. The biggest BGA has a very nice cola forming. The smaller BGA is developing nice bud sites all over. MW appears to have slowed a little. It may seem that way since the autos are developing so quickly. Nonetheless, the tent smells amazing! I removed the crate from under the biggest BGA to give it a little more room to stretch under the lights. More pics to come soon.
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Yea im not sure if its the ‘vigor’ factor (first pheno off a mix) or what. But most autos are OFF TO THE RACES given good environment




Maui Wowie