First complete indoor grow


Good morning! So apparently I did not do too much damage. All the girls are looking great this morning!


Looking good my friend


I have total plant jealously of the bigger plant. It’s gorgeous and lush. How much topping and LSTing to get that canopy?


@Sixpackdad none. She’s just growing that way. The stalk is almost 1” thick already. I raised the light up again to see if I can get her to stretch a little. I will probably put in a scrog in the next couple of weeks and start tucking.


The tent.


pretty girl


Very pretty.


So while repotting my BGA’s and hanging another light in my tent, I somehow broke (2) branches on the MW. This was Saturday. She’s been looking really weak since. I’m sure it’s shock. I fed her a gallon of rainwater with a teaspoon of Grow Big pH’d tonight. Hoping she pulls through or isn’t so stressed she herms on me.
On a positive note, the BGA’s are doing great.


I’m sure she will be fine man. She’s a big healthy plant. Just think of it as extreme super cropping lol

Edit: these plants are a lot tougher than most people give them credit for. You’d obviously never want to intentionally damage the plant but most of the time from my experience is everytime I screw up the plant responds well after caring for it and giving it what it needs. A few branches I wouldn’t worry about. I mean it sucks but it’s not going to kill your plant. If it’s broke off that bad you can cut it at the stem. I always leave about a half inch of stem there. When they go in flower you will get a few buds around that stem. I always kind of pluck them early as a sampler lol


Well the MW is bouncing back. The BGA’s split a 1/2 gallon of pH’d rainwater this morning. I wasn’t expecting their leaves to be so broad. Must be a dominant sativa gene. Anyway, temps remain steady. RH is a little low since I installed the fan and filter. I’ll trade that for 1/2 of my house not smelling like medicine.


The MW is getting bigger for sure. Got a pic tonight just as I went lights on. The BGA’s are doing their thing as well.
I switched to 13/11 today. Lights off at 7:00 am. Lights on at 6:00 pm. Let the games begin.
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Is that big girl as dark colored in person? I think you’ve got the start of some nitrogen toxicity.


@raustin I don’t believe so. The lighting in my basement is not great. I’ll get her out in natural light tomorrow and get a couple pictures.


She also has some clawing leaves, that’s what got my attention.


So if it is nitrogen toxicity, what would be the standard cure? Flush, flush, flush?


If your Ph is ok, then yes, I would recommend a flush with just Ph-ed water.


Do you know what her PPM is?


Just got a ppm meter. Going to check on next watering which should be tomorrow.


Well I recalibrated the pH meter and gave her a gallon and a half of 6.5. Run-off is 5.8. Going to go pick up some distilled water. The kind I get is usually 7.2. Will run that through and check PPM.


Ran a gallon of 7.2 spring water through. Run-off is 6.5. Now I can’t find my PPM meter!!