First complete indoor grow


The Maui Wowie under regular light. She’s coming along just fine. New growth from every possible nook and crannie.
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Look like Afghan skunk mad nice fam


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Healthy as the moon is full. Those are off to a super start @GetbackJoJo


She really is off to a solid start… nice fat green leaves. Whatever ur doing. Keep doing it


@PurpNGold74 so far, just a 7 gallon fabric pot with FFOF and 6.5-6.7 pH spring water. Using a Mars Hydro 192 which is 415W true in a 3’x3’ Vivosun tent. I haven’t checked the pH run off yet. My last watering yesterday was 32 oz of water. Got a little run off but not much. Temp in the tent is 72 with lights out and 84 with light on. 4” in-line and 4” out fans. 18/6 time on the light.


Sounds picture perfect to me


Nice. I have some MW. I am just now putting a MW “MOM” into flower. I
want to grow one from seed though. The “MOM” was my seedling, topped her
and cloning failed, so I took some more and I am flowering her :slight_smile:


The Maui Wowie almost (4) weeks from sprout.


Looking really good


A BGA lives!!! It’s a sprout, but it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive!!!


Fed the MW tonight with 3/4 gal of distilled water with 1/2 tsp of FF Grow Big pH’d to 6.5. She drank all of it with almost no run-off. I’ve been watering every other day. I guess I need to increase the amount I’m watering or the frequency.


Maybe I’m seeing things, but she sure looks like she’s exploding with the new nutes she got yesterday. Got the RH up to 52% steady. High temp is 82. Seem to have the conditions where they need to be, or where the MW likes it.
Going to need some help on watering ideas around the end of the year. Going away for a few days and don’t want to lose her while we’re gone.
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She sure does look like she’s exploding! I’ll be curious to see what some might suggest about the watering. If I ever had to go away for a couple days I really don’t have anybody I could ask.


@GetbackJoJo Nice grow so far. We have Maui wowies on near the same schedule. Here’s a pic of the six from last weekend. They are currently in 2 gallon pots and I want to move them into 10 gallon in a few weeks. You have nice compact plants, tons of growth. I’m kinda jealous and it makes me question whether my 45W LED was enough for the first 4.5 weeks. I’ve moved them to a 280w/1500eq today. I’ll tag you on my grow journal.


Yup that Maui is looking lovely. Healthy n happy lady there. How is BGA looking?


Coming along fine. Apparently I have (2) BGA’s.


Well I really hope I didn’t kill my MW. I didn’t water her all weekend and when I went to check tonight she was VERY droopy. I have her a gallon of 6.5 distilled water about 1/2 hour ago. Going to go check in her in an hour or so. The BGA’s are going great. Gave them a good soaking to run-off. Keeping my fingers crossed for my Maui girl.


Is she doing ok?


My Red Diesel went a few days as well. Lookd at her last night as was droopy AF. waterd her to run off n lights out. By this morning she rebounded well