First complete indoor grow


Well, with the wife’s blessing I set up my 3x3 Indoor tent in the basement. Got everything hooked up and ran the lights for a few days to test temps and such. The temps seem to be holding well. The highs are only about 84 and the low sits at 78. RH is about 40%.
I dropped a Maui Wowie bean in a rock wool cube and one in pH’d water. They both popped. I put the rock wool cube into a 4” pot with OFHF soil. Did the same with the bean that was in water. The rock wool cube plant is already a couple inches tall and the other has yet to break ground. I’ll give that one a couple more days and see what happens. I also dropped a Blueberry Auto in a rock wool cube yesterday. It has popped but I’ll give it another day or so before I put it in a 4” pot. Both that bean and the Maui Twoy that hasn’t broken ground yet are in a covered seed sprouting container. Tonight I’m going to drop the light a little as Maui Oney is stretching a little.
So, all of this is coming about because my mother-in-law has been struggling after some surgery. The “good” doctors have her on some pretty harsh pain killers. She doesn’t like them and they have many side issues. I talked to her about the benefits of MMJ and she is all on-board. My wife (who does not partake yet) approves as well. I think it’s awesome that I’m getting to do something that I enjoy so much and that I know will help her (and my wife who suffers from serious migraines). I chose the Maui Wowie for its relaxing and mellow attributes, and the BBA for its strong CBD traits. I’ll start posting pics soon and will be calling on the great community for assistance and feedback as I move through this grow. My hope is to have the BBA ready by mid-December and the MW’s done just I time for a Spring Grow.


Set to watching


From what I understand, RH needs to be higher in seedling stage. 40% is more of a flower period humidity


Shoot for 60-70% while in veg.


@Grandaddy013 I put a pan of water in front of the intake fan and after about an hour the RH had already bumped up to 58%.
Now if I could just get a freaking BBA bean to pop.


So I went away for week and asked my missus to keep the MW misted each day. I came back to a beautiful little girl just doing her thing! Working on its 2nd and 3rd set of leaves. Even better, she tells me she was keeping an eye on my latest attempt at a BBA, and she got that one to pop too. I told her “for someone that comes late to this game, you seems to have a green thumb.”


Sounds like we are close to starting at the same time.This is my first ever grow (I’m in a 2 x 3 linen closet).I germinated 6 seeds from the 2.0 Autoflower pack on 10/1. All 6 popped in a day. I then put them in 4” pots with a miracle grow mix for starting seeds. 5 of the 6 are showing leaves above the soil and 6th is about to. Temps are holding at 79 with an RH of 50%They are 20” under an HGL 160W light that I have dialed down to its lowest wattage. My hopes are to have 6 viable plants w/4 to be moved to outdoor locations, where I will only spot check likely once a week. I’m going to do one transplant to 3 gallon clothe pots using a miracle grow potting mix and added percolate till 2 weeks into flower,then do a complete flush before switching to the Fox Farms liquid trio,Cal-Mag, Silica at 50% recommended concentrations until I see how they react…Ive read in quite a few articles where a 24 hr light cycle is the way to go ?? So my plan is to increase the wattage to 75% in 2 weeks & lowering a few inches,then to 100% till flowering begins and into the first 2 weeks.Then reducing wattage gradually to 75%… I will be,in the next few days,setting some 18” wood skewers to have in place for support and strength.Im most concerned/nervous about topping,LST,Lolly popping and will be watching/re-watching quite a few video on it. Question ~ How is the original PPM calculated (Say its 175 before nutes, into the target PPM? Do they count? Or is the 175 subtracted from whatever it tests at after nutrients are added?


I think I’m going to add a pan of water also… 50% ain’t gonna cut it !! Good Luck on that bean !!!


I’ve got mine on 18/6 now. The MW is grow My great! The BBA is slow. I started it in a rock wool cube and checked it yesterday. No leaves other than the two starter leaves, but mad crazy roots coming out of the bottom of the cube. Went ahead and put it in a 4” pot with FFHF. Temps have been holding steady and 84 degrees as a high and 77 as a low. Got the RH up to 60% and holding.


Not really sure what’s going on with the BBA. Still no new leaf growth. As long as it doesn’t go tango uniform I’ll keep the soil moist and see what happens. As an insurance policy, I dropped a Bubble Gum Auto today in a rock wool cube. @raustin @daz49 @N00BIE @Screwauger


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Is that the BB?

How close is your light. Looks overall healthy just squat, raising light might cause a bit of stretch


That would be the Maui Wowie. Light is set at about 20”. It is a bit squatty. I’ll raise it up in the a.m. and see if I can a little stretch out of her.


@Screwauger what a difference 10” will make. (That’s what she said.) The MW is starting to stretch and fill out even more. I’ve got growth going everywhere. Thanks for the reminder!


Super @GetbackJoJo glad she’s taking off for you!!


I’ll try to get a pic without the LED lights later. This is the Maui Wowie at 17 days from sprout.


Under natural light.


Looks like I’ll have to hook up the filter and fan this weekend. Noticed this morning when I went to check on the girls that there is a definite odor coming from the tent. Barely 3 weeks in and already can start to smell it.


i love growing marijuana, its the smell