First coco run, having troubles

First time using Coco and I’m having issues
Strains are white widow,blueberry auto, purple Haze auto. Growing in cultivation nation coco, using dry amendments, pH between 6.0-6.4. So I’m stumped by the way they look, I have read so much conflicting info on watering and when too, I have gotten advice to water everyday at a pH of 5.8 but by the looks of my plants they look like they have root issues like over watering. I do know that the looks of them will tie to heat and light stress but the light is 30 inch’s away and the temps rarely get as high as 80, I have 2 fans in the tent, one underneath the canopy and one blowing air out and an oscillating fan outside the tent to blow cold air around it. The humidity is between 40 and 50 because I’m doing a perpetual grow but I’m just stumped. If the leaves look like this should I let the pots dry out more or just water everyday even if they are still moist( put a piece of toilet paper on the coco and it absorbs water) I’m using dry amendments and can’t accurately judge ppm because apparently that process is just inaccurate.


I grow in coco. I’ve taken to adding about 20% composted manure/wormcastings.

I water every other day or so and soak my plants every third watering. My water goes in neutral (7ish).

I use dry amendments and I don’t mess with measuring runoff. I let my plants tell me what’s going on. If you dial in your feed and water.

Which ones? I use Happy Frog at half strength.

I’d go with jacks 321
Easy peasey


For the two white widows it’s a 3-3-3 bloom and root mix, and with the two autos it’s that plus happy frog, I did try both dry amendments in my soil run and learned that even half the recommended dose would hurt the plants so this time I mix about a quarter of the recommended dose. So the white widows would have a quarter of the 3-3-3 and the autos a quarter dose of 3-3-3 and like a16th dose of 4-9-3. Should add they are all in 3 gallon fabric pots.

Who makes it?

Bloom and root is all the logo has lol it’s meant for tomatos buts it’s “natural ingredients”

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5.8 is the sweetspot and 6.4 ph will likely cause a lockout. You would have so submerge the coco and leave it there to overwater. That’s one of the appeals of coco is you can’t overwater. But you do have to shoot for the 5.8 ph and you have to add cal mag unless your nutrients provide extra. The coco will take it and the plant won’t get any. The only time I see coco issues is when growers don’t want to follow the rules for coco.

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So you say follow the rules of coco but there is just way to much conflicting info and results. Many people water everyday day and get great results typically at a pH of 5.8 like you suggested but some water every 2-3 days at a pH of 6-6.8 when the coco has dried some and still get great results, to me, my plants look like they have wet feet and are showing signs of being over watered like many state you can’t do…but definitely is possible. I’m honestly looking for help and not a “follow the rules” comment because there really is no rules. Mr Canucks on YouTube grows in Coco and waters when dry at a pH of 6.2-6.8 and gets great results.

I hope whichever way you go is sucessful

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Dry amendments work for growing cannabis but take a bit more skill to use correctly. Adding anything to coco like worm castings turns coco into soil. If using coco nominally I would not consider dry amendments but liquid nutes designed specifically for cannabis.

Like @Mr_Wormwood I’d recommend a program like Jack’s 3-2-1 (which I’m using as well) or any of the many fine lines available to us. General Hydroponics, Fox Farms, Advanced Nutrients and others have a coco line and a schedule.

Your plants are suffering from nutrient burn and nutrient deficiencies both.


Thank you for the response, from both you and @Allinherhead I do appreciate it. I have the general hydro line of nutes but since I already mixed in dry amendments I didn’t want to switch to liquid, although I could just flush my girls then start the liquid… just out of curiosity do you two flush a every 4 weeks In coco?

I monitor the runoff PH and TDS and when the numbers go above around 2,000 ppm I do water only until the TDS drops down to around 1,100 ppm or so. I also try to not feed over 1,000 ppm. You also want to, once plant is large enough, water daily as coco becomes hydrophobic when it dries out.

I water to runoff everytime and never flush. Doing it this way according to what I’ve learned from @Hellraiser doing this the salts never get to build up necessitating a flush.

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I know less than the people that have responded so far. I am on my first grow. In canna coco I have watered every day, except maybe 3 times very early on. Having a space under the pot to drain into the saucers would be important if you don’t have that already so the pots are not sitting in water. I have not let my PH wander far from that 5.8. and have had no problems other than my back being sore. Yesterday my 5 girls got 5 gallons of Jacks fed to them with 35% runoff, which is almost certainly more than necessary. While I measured the quantity of runoff, I have not checked PH or PPM of the runoff because they look fine. It looks to me like you have nutrient lockout, but again I am new to all this. I hope you figure it out. If it were me, I would dial in the PH first and water to at least 20% runoff for a few days and then consider adjusting nutrients just making one adjustment at a time to see the reaction. But if you have other stuff mixed in your coco like worm castings or compost I think you are really in soil at that point.

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Another thing about coco is you need to buffer your coco if unbuffered. It will suck up calcium and magnesium helps the plant uptake calcium that’s where I soak my. Coco in Cali magic 2 strength overnight then dry out for a couple days before I stick a plant in it.also a little cal mag will help I also use jacks 321 cheep and great results but your plant to me is deficient in both. My friends 410 is giving great advice on the ppm it gets easier :v: