First cloning a success

I took 7 clones and 5 took root and are growing. I put them in an aloe vera water mix over night, dipped in aloe vera, placed in peat pellets and placed inside an ice cream bucket with the lid on. After a few days of spraying and letting an LED flood light aim directly at the bucket, i could see roots protruding through the peat pellets. Altrhough one of them is growing weird. Its leaves look wavy, I think it might be heat stress so im going to move the light back some.

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Success! I’m taking mine later tonight after the hockey game. I chickened out on my bubble cloner, I’m going to do it the old school way, rapid rooters and my propagation set up

I hope I have good luck too! I’ve been hearing a lot about the aloe vera!? I’m using basic cloning powder for now