First cheap grow grand daddy purple auto from ILGM

This mornings update how is she looking ?


Looking good bro, she will get there! I also had to add additional soil at the beginning of my grow to compensate for the stretching. IMO, you could probably add a bit more, about 1/2 inch from bottom of the leaves. Say this because it’ll provide better support, she is going to get taller, and because the soils level tents to “drop” a bit as you increase the about of water the get further down the line. I’m still a n00b though, but I’m sure a grow god will check me if I’m wrong! :sweat_smile::innocent:

Please share any updated photos for the community. We adore pictures!

Sorry for the long time between posts how is she looking ? Has she started flowering yet @Hellraiser @Deepsix @Mr_Wormwood @BuzzedLightyear420 @TheVirginian


Looks like she’s wanting to flower, lots of preflowers.


Like @Hellraiser said, looks like she is getting ready.

You think I’m going to get a nice yield on her that’s a 7 gallon pot. And is she looking healthy otherwise

And does this mean she hasn’t stretched yet ? She is a huge bush lol

And another question am I lsting her correctly

Probably just starting the stretch, which will last a few weeks, looks nice and healthy should be a decent yielder.

She looking great. Lots of frilly flowery bits forming

From what i can see yes you are.

here is a few pic’s of my GDP photo.

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Yes sir, she is looking good. And like the others said, it appears to be in pre flowering. Mine looked the exact same doing that phase. And like @Hellraiser said, stretching will continue for a bit more. I’ve read to keep at em with the veg nutes until stretching stops, but could be wrong. Someone should be able to clear this up for you after reading my post though.

Looking good though bro, keep up the good work!

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Today’s update some before and after LST when should i stop training her so hard?

@Deepsix @TheVirginian @Hellraiser @alexankh @BuzzedLightyear420


That comes down to personal preference and space limitations. They say when your vegetative state reaches half your height restriction, to switch to flower. That includes container height. they really DO stretch too during flower. Mine grew 9-14" in that stretch. That was Girl Scout Cookie. No idea if strain to strain matters, i’m sure it does. I’m sure how much it stretched in initial growing as a seedling matters too as my “leggy” girls that got too tall too quick inside and went outside in early summer, even with LST and a LOT of tying down, are as tall and taller than me now in flower. You’re in control of your grow space and have to control it or you’ll get overgrown in no time if not staying on it.


When you harvest her. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. Like @TheVirginian said.

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Update for you guys. If you can let me know how she is doing. Got a tent and filter as she was starting to stink. Today trimmed up her undercarriage. She does not seem to be getting any taller. My tent is a 2x4
@TheVirginian @BuzzedLightyear420 @Mr_Wormwood @alexankh @MudslideSlim @Deepsix @dbrn32 @Hellraiser

Also just fed her for the second time


They are looking quite good man, truly. Green and healthy. Keep doing what your doing and you should have a great harvest from the looks of things! :relieved:

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Not sure about ppm going in but 6.5 PH going in
1590ppm out with 6.1 PH how is this ? @Deepsix @Mr_Wormwood @BuzzedLightyear420 @Hellraiser @TheVirginian @alexankh

Whatever you’re doing, I’d keep doing it. They look just fine and a healthy number of bud sites.