First Basement Grow of 2023

I’m terrible with grow journals and I keep telling myself I’m gonna do better. Ha-ha who am I fooling?
So Sunday was flip day for my 4 big girls. I’ve made some changes in my grow techniques - stepped up to 10 Gallon cloth bags, doubled the amount of mycos when transplanting, bought a PAR meter and educated myself on using it and learning how to get 100% out of my LEDs and tightened up on a lot of other aspects of indoor growing.

I have 3 Yunnan Dragon regs. from Dragon’s Flame Genetics and a MMS Golden Pupil FP clone from the last grow. The are all sativas and growing really well. The 3 YDs are over 34" at the end of 44 day veg time. I took 2 cutting offs of each just in case I get a female. The GP I messed up on some HST so she is short. When cleaning out from under her, I cut 12 clones and have them growing roots too.

I’m running a measured PPFD of 760 across the entire canopy for 12 hours. I’m being a little OCD on the correct distance light-to-canopy but between distance and PPFD - I’m seeing the best post flip stretch I’ve had indoors. And I’m loving it!!!


The Golden Pupil is on milk crate and the others are the Yunnan Dragons.


Beautiful looking sativas. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking good Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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Just cleaning them out a little…


Tell me it ain’t so!!! Everybody see what I see?
:cry:. 2 out of three. Oh well, the biggest was a happy girl. 10 to 14 more weeks…

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Dang… that sucks!

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