First autos, Jack, Amnesia Haze & Blue Dream

I’ve had a few rounds of growing and learned a lot each time. This is my first auto grow after a rough grow when I let plants get too tall and they stretched to close to the hid lights. Just devastating to see them get crispy. So,I switched to a nice LED light system and will definitely watch plant heights before switching to flower!

Latest setup includes
2 Electric Sky ES 300 lights
4x4 Vivosun tent.
AC Infinity ventilation with the temp gauge 5 gallon fabric pots
3 small Hurricane clip fans for air movement
Nutes are the Fox Farm trio, soil is FFOF. Using tap water but running it thru a chlorine filter.
Doing a 20/4 light schedule

Been watering with pH around 6.7, haven’t watered heavy enough to have runoff yet.

I’m getting ready to set up my second tent with another 4 autos as I’m really enjoying the whole growing process and one tent just won’t do!

Been reading lots of the forum and thought I would start my first post. Seeds were germinated about a month ago, the 4 small plants about 1.5 weeks ago.

So far, so good!


@RobS1973 welcome onto the crazy train! You clearly have a clue! It’ll be interesting watching you get your grow on!! Keep posting!


Welcome to the community. Your off to a good start.

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Welcome to the community Growmie. Sweet set up and very nice lights. Everything’s on point :love_you_gesture:

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Welcome to the community off to a great start.

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Looking good! Nice setup, welcome.

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I’m jealous! Welcome to the forum


First time with the Electric Sky LED lights, hoping for good things. They don’t seem to get mentioned on this board much I notice.

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They’re the top of the line IMO. If I hadn’t already bought HLG I’d have gone for that even though they cost more

Ah! Good, I did a bit of research before buying them, glad they are good ones. Dan, the owner of the company, took a walk thru a grow room filled with ES 300’s in one of their videos and the plants looked amazing. Figured if a serious grow room uses them, I’m more likely to be the weak link before the lights!

Oh you’re gonna have a sweet grow!

Photo from today, 3 plants had a single lower leaf that turned brown/spotty and I cut them off, doesn’t appear to have affected other leaves though. Sound normal?

I see a couple of these are going to flower now so I’ll add in the Tiger Bloom to the nutrients now. Been feeding every other watering, every 3 days so far. Probably gonna get thirstier real soon though.

First auto flowers I’ve ever done, do these look normal size? They are about 6 weeks from germination.

Gonna have to get that second tent set up for those 4 small plants!

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Sure, maybe water splash on them or something. They look good to me, never grown autos but I understand they grow how they want…

They look good and healthy

Happy growing

Sweet, trying to follow the best grow guidelines, glad things are looking right overall!

Had a bit of an issue this week with pH way wrong, flushed each one and they appear to have survived the abuse. Got a new ph meter from Amazon today so that shouldn’t be an issue!

Thinking it will be an early September harvest of these 6.

Really liking the Electric Sky lights, should have the second tent going by early August for the next 4 autos.

Plan is to get them back on track with my new pH meter and take it from there. The Great pH Debacle was last Wednesday and it’s Sunday now so I’m thinking the plants made it as this pic is from tonight. Lower left plant shows some rust on the leaves. Will keep an eye on that as I get their nutes back in line.