First autoflower

Thanks, i will not be topping due to the insight of you and the other more experienced growers. Appreciate the advice from everyone. :+1:t4::100::dart:


Check this out :sunglasses::facepunch: White Widow Autos First Cultivation

Read full article here…:arrow_left:

pH range also depends upon urban and rural (acid rain) Fluctuation in pH by all accounts changes nutrient uptake and can stress the plant that’s otherwise adapted to pH in any given medium, and that’s in the grower’s guide.

I absolutely stand by what I wrote. Feel free to go by whatever standards you choose, but whenever I see incorrect info, I will do my best to give the correct info.

Enjoy the grow!


That’s why you let it fluctuate, so it doesn’t do this. Also, nutrients are available at different pH levels.



According to that soil chart 6.5 is the target for maximum nutrient release, why not aim for 6.5 instead of nearing the cutoff points above and below 6.5? I understand what you’re saying and to some degree I agree because pH always rises and it a battle to keep it in range. Perhaps what I read was allowing it to go below or above the given range. And obviously I’m mistaken about what I thought was the range for soil. I have the charts too, I should memorize them!

Hence the sweet spot. Still, if you allow your pH to range, your plant will uptake nutrients throughout the range. This helps you, as a grower, b/c the pH in your medium naturally fluctuates, too. No reason to struggle to stay at exactly 6.5. That will frustrate you & probably annoy you plant, roots, and soil food web, as well.


Well that light bulb just went on for me. Thanks @blackthumbbetty great discussion. It’s all the little things.


Hey so the first photo is going really well shes looking like a beauty, the second which mind you everything is the same, soil water ph light etc and it looks like shit yellow in color and curling down any ideads?

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What do you reckon?

Looks very wet don’t water so much it’s very easy to over water at this point!!

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Where did you get your soil what is it?

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I got it from bunnings an organic soil mix cant remember the brand name

These photos where probably like 5 minuts after i watered them, i water them once every 1-3 days when the first onch of soil is dry is this okay?

That’s fine as for watering,
Your soil might be bunk and need nutrients… But would be ideal to get all your grow info.
Water PH?
Do you have a TDS meter?

I have 2 600w lights 1 led 1 hps roughly 70cm above
Unsure of soil brand but mixed 30% perlite
Water PH i range it between 6.4 - 6.6
I have a tds but havnt used it yet on this grow due to the fact i havnt been putting any nutrients in the water as i read they dont normally need them until they are 3-4 weeks old
Humidity sits above 40% and under 55%
Temp is around 24-26 degrees drops to 19 when lights off

Sounds good… How are your lights setup? Are you using both lights right now… Or what?

Is the soil organic soil or is it Maybe a soil less. Mix? I’m leaning more towards weak soil than light but yeah

Basically they are hanging about 75cm above both turned on spaced about half a meter from each other, im unsure on the soil i was sure it was an organic mix but i cant remember, i have since given them a feed just incase it was lack nutrients just 0.6ec

Do these look about right size for end of week 4? I thought they should be alot bigger but this is my first autoflower so im not sure


Most of mine or bigger at week four but I did have one stay small for a long time and then she blew up!! One of my biggest plants now @ week 10!!