First autoflower grow

Hi everyone I’m here look for advice and comments on my gro first ever grow have 4 autosUploading: 20200703_201152.jpg… this one will be 2 weeks in 2 days

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Pic did not load.


2weeks today

This one is 2 weeks in 2 more days

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Here is a 1 week old

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They look to be on track for autos at 2 weeks. :grinning:

Ok I’m just seeing because this is my first grow ever and I have done my research so I’m hoping it pays off and thanks for the comment

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Look better than my autos did at that time. I have some going now too but they are all outside. Looks good…

What kind of light are you using

@Bigbob90 Welcome to the Community. :+1:

Looking good and by the way Akaso makes a wonderful camera for Scuba Diving and I preferred it over the GoPro.

So far so good , don’t notice any issues.

Welcome to ILGM, @Bigbob90 They look great! :+1: :v: