First Autoflower grow , quick check for beginner

Hello guys :blush:
It’s gonna be my first autoflower grow
Just want to check if this setup is fine and if should change something.

My plan is to grow 5 autoflower plants
2x Purple Punch Cookies
2x Tutankhamon
1x Tangerine dream

Planning to grow in 3 gallon fabric pots or should I use bigger pots ?

Set up :

  • 4x4 (1,2m x 1,2m) grow tent
  • 4" outlet van with carbon filter
  • 4" van for fresh air coming in
  • 6" corner clip van
  • 12" van
  • Humidifier
    Here is the part where i got some questions about the lights .
    I got one of these 120W LEDs.

And ordered 2 of these .

My question is are these lights enough and are these lights compatible with each other as 2 of the are only red / blue / purple. If yes what would you recommend me to use them ?

Germinate/Seed stage only the 120w light
And after all 3 lights together and if yes when to use what light (red/blue/purple) ?

I gonna grow in soil a autoflower pre mix.
3 gallon fabric pots.

General Hydroponics (Grow/Micro/Bloom)
Advanced nutrients big bud
Flower fuel

I got a 5kg bag of bat shit which someone recommend to me when and how should I use this one ? Someone got some experience with it ?

Thats it so far , i would love to hear some feedback if this is ok for a beginner grow or if something is missing.

Thanks in advance

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Personally you don’t want a blurple I’d look in hlg or Mars something that has Samsung lm301 diodes

@Dclark Sorry for the question but what are blurple ?
The 120w one got Samsung diodes. Should I run only this one ?

The blue red purple lights buddy

How big is your space how many plants do you plan to grow zoom in on the flex star one at back I need to see but it blurs

1,20m x 1,20m and planning on growing 5 plants.

Or is this light enough ?

Welcome to the community Tom ! all the way from Thailand I see. 3 gallon fabric pots will be fine with your auto plants. :v:


Ina 4x4 you want atleast 400 watts of actual power going through it 120 is no where near enough u want a minimum of 100w per square foot


This is why I ordered the other 2 lights i thought all 3 together would be enough .

So definitely need an upgrade on my lights ?

Yes for sure I’ll tag out light guys @dbrn32 will be able to help like I say hog are a good brand of light

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So I thought of this one but looks not enough also maybe can recommend something for me thanks

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Check out HLG grow lights, Would be a great choice for your space. They are growers here that use the Mars hydro.


I’m sorry but link you are posting are unauthorized here. I understand it’s difficult from other part of the world, but the screenshots will work.

I can’t help much with those lights, not familiar with them at all. If you already purchased them see how they do and let us know.


Oh i am sorry about this .
I ordered this one and try my luck with this one

Uploading: IMG_20220627_105823.jpg…

I recomend doing 4 plants in a 4x4
3 in a 3x3 and 1 in a 2x2. I have 4 in my 3x3 and had to move one into a diffedent tent to reduce humidity in tent during flower, too much buds I guess!

There is a chance the lights you ordered will work out. If im being honest, you should go with a trusted source, because Amazons sellers lie. So do ebay sellers. There is a mountain of confusing figures and crap to try and decifer. Most recognized (and most expensive) brand here on boards is H.L.G. (Horticultural Lighting Group) Ive no experience using them, lots here will vouch for their phenominal cosmic power… or whatever. I went with marshydro. Company is from China but so is pretty much everything else. I have 2 of their lights, their beginner model, ts1000 a 100 wat mid level led chip light. Works great, grew this under it

The second is one of their comercial grade lights the fc3000. Also, great light, better Led chips, 300 watts, and a bigger price tag. Both grow great flowers despite their “generic” cosmic power. Ask @dbrn32 any question about just about every light. They will steer you straight.


@Docnraq thanks a lot !
Yeah I should invest in a proper and more expensive light. But i am on a budget and it’s just a test grow to get a feeling and get started .

So for now i am going with the parfact works RA 2000
Which i will use on itself till flower starts and than i will switch on the 120w led light i got as well.

I gonna see how it’s doing.

I checked many videos of reviews to the parfactwork light and it seems to bee alright.

Will give a feed back and update when I am growing.

Someone can give me an advise about the batshit how much to use and in what stage ?

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Dm Tom where ya based

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Thailand as since 9th of June growing here is legal :potted_plant::hugs:

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Ok look at Mars hydro they use Samsung lm301 diodes and are reasonably cheap and work fairly well

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Thanks a lot yes i was about to order a marsh hydro light but found an in depth comparison on the Ts600 and the parfactwork and the parfactwork was the better one . So I gonna run my first grow with this one and see how it’s going probably gonna upgrade in the next grow to a proper light.

Will do a grow journal and post Updates regularly.
Would love to check it out and maybe give me some advices.
Gonna start middle of July.

Thanks for the help and support !

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