First Autoflower Grow! Amnesia Haze

Amnesia haze autoflower looking awesome I low stress trained it with some tie downs and its going awesome so far. Bud porn coming soon :heart_eyes: ( currently 6 weeks old ) This is my second grow ever and this is my first autoflower grow. Organic Coco Soil Jobes All purpose Veg fertilizer and Dr earths flowering nutrients let me know if you have any pointers guys I’m still learning.15551730820556404917940148281398|374x500


Plant looks a little yellow. What is the ppm of your nutes? You should think about using a complete base nutes package.

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getting a TDS meter now. lol i have no idea i definetly have a PH tester but dont have a TDS. do you think a water purifier would help with this issue?

Water has no nutrients. I think the plant is being underfed, and the two things you have listed I am unfamiliar with and may not be a COMPLETE nute solution.

oh alright well the veg is a 4-4-4 fertilizer and the flower is 3-9-4 fertilizer I spread them 50/50 mixing in the soil.

Here they are.

Most fertilizers aren’t meant to be complete solutions. You want a complete hydroponic type nutrient package since you are in coco. Yes you did add some other soil amendments , but these may not be fully sustaining your plants needs.

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Wow, those have a ton of microbes. Very interesting. Those would be good supplements to a base nutrient package. But check out all of the ingredients in this(GH MaxiBloom):

Are you looking to go organic only?

yeah i tried to do a bit of studying before I bought another nutrient system especially with it being an autoflower grow Ill definetly grab some of this stuff though! I wanted to stay organic but im pretty much already there as long as the nutrients get the plants on the right path im not opposed to trying something new.

Check out general organics. I believe it is the GH organics line. Not sure how good they are but there are a lot of other organic growers here that might also guide you in the right direction. @Countryboyjvd1971 Do you know any hydro/coco organics growers that may help here?

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@Myfriendis410 grows in coco I believe or at least used to and does hydro as well


I have used GH (preferred), FF and Grow More.

I would strongly recommend that you follow what @WickedAle has to say. You are better served using a product designed for coco and start feeding systematically. Coco is a great medium but IT’S NOT SOIL. Using a product designed for cannabis will deliver the correct nutrients and be buffered to the correct PH.

IMO you are suffering from a lack of calcium. Cal Mag is a supplement you should be adding.


Thanks for the pointers I’ll definitely switch to some General Hydroponics stuff iv been keeping up with the pH and try to keep the water at 6.5 to 6.8 area

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You either need a nute line designed for coco or pick up some Cal Mag. Use it when you water and not when you feed.

Be sure to PH everything to 5.5 to 5.8 for coco although you can cheat up to 6.0. Use a good digital PH meter as strips and drops are not accurate.

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@Countryboyjvd1971 got an update guys! The yellow tinge is gone after adding the Cal Mag the only thing now is I’m getting brown ish leaves in some spots they aren’t everywhere but they’re in some places

They’re not crunchy at all more just like a regular leaf texture just that brown color.

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Likely it’s nutrient burn along with possible deficiencies from the fertilizers being used. Did you change how and what you are feeding your plants?

I was thinking it was too but I wanted a second opinion I haven’t switched over yet I’m about to order the GH nutrients this week but the yellow is about 90% gone

Got the New Nutes From GH and they seem to be doing pretty well its getting rid of the extra fan leafs it’s not using and the buds are starting to beef up. @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 @WickedAle

thinking its still nutrient burnt though so I’m not sure if I should add more for flowering or if I should just let it ride since I starting this grow in March let me know what you think


As the buds mature the plant will feed on itself. Just keep the GH nutrient feed w/ cal/mg at 5.8 and 1200PPM. If the runoff PPM spikes higher that 1500 you will need back off a bit.

@WickedAle how do I calculate parts per Million is there a video for that? Iv been looking but its not too clear