First Auto pot grow Super Skunk

Lost one of my plants to powdery mildew,discovered this when defoliating …Lesson learnt!
Bought dehumidifier,fans and 8x4 tent for flowering.
Still have to get one of those exhaust fans.
The other Super Skunk in pictures is four weeks into flowering ,have taken probably half the foliage over the last month to open up bud sites.
Don’t know if I have done enough?

Here are some pictures at five weeks.No powdery mildew on this one.

@Tezza2 @Nicky
Here is Super Skunk at six weeks.

I am thinking maybe four weeks to go.
Don’t know if I should defoliate more or not.
These pretzels are making me thirsty.:drooling_face:


That looks great i would defoliated abit to let the light reach the places that its not reaching and i would say u have anywhere from four weeks to go, are they autos or photos


Thanks Tezza ,I have not defoliated before.
They are all photos.
Will be trying to train all the clones to keep them low.

Here is my ww auto its in second week of flower

And this some of the nutrients im using during the flowering stage

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Looks good👍

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Defoliation - Marijuana Training Techniques - YouTube check this link out this should help u with defoliation and training

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Will do.

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No worries im pretty good with training but defoliation im not that good and lollipopping is another one im not that good at

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Let me onow how ur grow is goin over the next few weeks it will be interesting to see how ur plants turn out and to see how big those buds get

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Will do.:+1:
I have not grown much before.
Done a couple outdoor years ago in ordinary potting mix and hydro.
Hydro is too much work for me,am using auto pots with perlite and vermiculite.
Might try coco one day.
This is my best so far,can only get better I guess.
I have been waving the scissors around trying to have "accident":flushed:

Looking good.

Good advice above from @Tezza2

Definitely defoilate, she’s over due. Go hard remove lots.
And remove any small buds from lower stems, these will never grow into anything and they suck up energy. Any branch that is thinner then a straw or that is the size of like a thick skewer then get rid of it for the same reason.
All this energy will instead be sent to your other buds and they will grow.

You have over a month left for sure.

Are you feeding them?

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Thanks for your advice Nicky
I am feeding them,just used what came with kit for veg and switched to general hydroponics Flora series for flower with big bud up to week four as per bottle.
I am not sure if I backed off too early on nutrients,was following direction on bottle.
Giving Micro 3ml Grow 3ml Bloom 6ml per 3 litres of water EC 1.2 (late bloom according to bottle)

Sounds good, just figured ide ask.