First Auto pot grow Super Skunk

This is my first time growing in Auto pots and am happy with how they are going.
The one on the left is 3 weeks in flower and the one on right is still vegging.
Both are about 1.5 meters in height,have got one still vegging under low light to slow it down.
Will switch it shortly,it is getting too big…
The one on left is twice as wide as what you can see,could not finish building my grow chamber because of restrictions (In lock down)and lack of timber.

Hardware store has run out of timber and I had to use cardboard for door Haha…


I would probably consider flipping.’my plants have grown twice as big and this grow I have going now I flipped at 20 inches and they grew to be 60 inches in height.
Good luck
Those might end up as trees not plants lol


From little things big things grow…
Next time ,I will flip them at about a meter,my grow chamber is 3 meters high.
I do love trees tho… :grinning:

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Those are octopots I belive? Not autopots.

When did you flip them?
You might whant to super crop them to avoid height issues

They are auto-pots,see pictures…
The one on the left is in three weeks in flower and the one on right is going to 12/12 today.
A couple of clones from the big ones in black pot.,will take some more today,maybe two cuttings.
The grow chamber I am making is 3 meters high .


How old are those?
When and where did you buy them…

I’M reading Auto pot systems®

Can you show me the valve?

Wow are those the original first Gen’s? From. Australia to eh…

I thought they were knock offs

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I will take picture…

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Here is the valve.

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They are from Australia yes ,the original ones.
I bought them about five months ago…

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Can you show me under the trap door?

This is the first I’m learning of these, im one of the most experienced autopot guys here at ilgm but I’ve never seen these I didn’t know they had to completely re design them for Australia… Why… I’ll have to reach out to the ceo and have a chat lol

I know people in aus have order ones from. The uk, USA and Canada before… Probably why they started making them there.


Ok I just looked at the website! Wow! Cool we don’t have so many of those products but then again you don’t get the Ken’s we have my girlfriend would. Love those hanging pots and the window basketw

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Could not reply yesterday,I was out of credit(replies)
Here is better picture of plant in (26 days in flower)…

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Ahh, that will end after a few days you can reply unlimited sorry. It’s a anti spam measure.

Looking good!
What temperature is there? If it’s above 28f you should deal with that I see the leafs are reaching to block light this can sometimes mean they are to hot so I ask.

I took a look at the website you guys get some cool stuff we don’t get like those window edge autopots and the hanging basket autopots dang I want those for my real garden lol

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Regarding temp is 78f or about 25c ideal?
OK,I thought they were happy,I am only beginner.
I will buy digital thermometer.
What do you use in your auto-pots,soil?
I am using vermiculite and perlite that came with kit.
Am also using fertilizer that came with it ,two part…I also bought big bud.
I have been reading a lot and it says to reduce nitrogen,I have reduced nitrogen level in half,should I reduce it more?Have been reading about manifolding and will do that next time with clones.Regarding Auto-pot website,yes they do have some good stuff there.

I use 70% coco 30% perlite
Not a fan of growing cannabis in soil.

If you have a temp controller to operate you exhaust fan run it at 27c
Your nitrogen seems fine.

Plants still need nitrogen in flow just not alot.

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Here a couple of pictures of plant under new light , Mars Hydro FC-E3000 arrived today.
Was using Viparspectra P1000 and a Viparspectra Burple.
Plant started showing pistils 25/08/2021

She is starting to smell,I think she likes new light.:flushed:

Time to defoilate those fam leafs my friend, bud needs light to grow.

OK,will do.

No problem