First Auto - MixPack!

Blueberry, Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, autos from ILGM. Had to throw in some Gold Leaf, couldn’t resist!
5/5 20hr soak in water/peroxide. Then into custom heated incubator - wet paper towel - 20hrs later 18 of 20 seeds open w tail!
5/7 Into starter soil - 30% Peat Moss, 30% Perlite/Vermiculite (60/40 ratio), 30% seed start potting soil, 10% Cow manure/Worm Castings (50/50 ratio). I use 16oz plastic cups for seedling stage, drill holes and 1/2" of marble chips for drainage. Into heated, covered plastic storage bin w vent holes 74-78 deg with 70-74%RH
5/11 4 days later - 16 of 18 had sprouted, 2 dampened off, fell over, expired. Two struggled for 2 more days, one made it - one gave it everything before going to the Great Garden in the sky.
5/12 introduced to florescent lighting, 26w x 24" t5 @ 14" for one 12/12 cycle, then added 2nd 24" light - moved both to 6" for one 12/12 then to 3" for 18/6
5/25 Introduce to LED lighting, 1000w “blurple” w bloom and veg switch, veg only @ 38" for two18/6 cycles, will drop to 26" then to 18" to continue veg stage. Add bloom at beg of week 4 and continue till harvest.
Using the Indoor Grow Sched by ILGM, nutes are Espoma brand which have been phenomenal in my years of outdoor grows. Adjusting according to recommendations in schedule for ppm, EC, Ph.

This is my first time using seeds I had to pay for, Im very excited to see the results and compare to what Ive done in the past. I have grown inside multiple times with bag seed to limited success. Yield always seemed low, but compared to some of the outdoor monsters, indoor pants will struggle to compete with overall yield.
However, I no longer have the option of outdoor growing, so I moved it inside. I have spent quite a bit on the room, currently use 12 1000w LEDs w bloom/veg switch, up to 4 florescent 48" t8 and up to 8 LED incandescent style dome lights for supplemental lighting as needed.
If anyone has any info, tips or ideas that can help, im open for all input as this is my first auto grow, and third indoor grow of this size.
First grow I harvested 16 females of 28 seedlings, currently in the 2nd grow I have 26 female photos in bloom, 4 more that havent sexed yet out of 40 seedlings.
There are 12 autos about to veg that I will keep in the nursery on light sched recommended in ILGM soil sched, until room is available in main grow room - should be start of week 4 or 5 depending on harvest of photos. Then they will be moved to main grow on 12/12 sched along with the remaining photos, at which time I hope to germinate another round of autos for a continuous grow.
Please give me your thoughts and ideas, Im using my years of growing outside and a few inside along with what ive read, but nothing can replace experience!


Wow!!good luck set to watching

She’s a fighter… the struggles…

Go baby, Go! You can do it!!!

The strong, the proud, the NURSERY!


The soil for seedlings looks a little wet

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Go canabis

@Cyle1 @HornHead
Sorry it’s been so long for an update, incredibly busy with all these girls to care for on top of “normal” life!

I discovered this on 6/1, had all kinds of issues popping up in all phases of growth on many plants. This is the auto AH, sprouted 5-7. Got a replacement meter for the Pancell ph, (it stopped working) company sent new kit - ph meter and TDS/EC. I compared new readings to old, off by 2.8!!! Unreal…