First auto grow stunt

So I start a couple of autos and they were doing great until the location lost power for 2 weeks. So I had to move them with the sun,but Handled that situation and continued, but I noticed something I know is wrong/weird. All the autos are in flower, using organic living soil, and all plants have been together since germination. I noticed a severe growth stunt or it might just be me being crazy but what do you guys think.

as you can see, its structure is just a stalk with buds on it.looks nothing like my other autos. Did the stress from no light that long do this?

How long have they been in flowering? While growth early in flowering is rapid, you will usually see growth stop after a few (3 to 5 weeks) weeks into flowering as the plants start focusing on ripening the flowers.

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Its been in flower for 5 weeks (today marks 5), my WW in the big pic is in week 9 of flower,just checked the tri’s,still have another week or so before chop I’m not crazy looking at the PP like why are you so small and why did you grow like that,the others are not like that, am i

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