First auto grow, do these look alright?

That’s awesome! This is an amazing forum full of very knowledgeable people.

Just try not to do what I did and actually do good research before you plant lol.

I found that I was so eager that I made mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

As of last night they still haven’t flowered… I’m hoping soon.


Oh trust me I have made my mistakes already before planting the seeds! Good luck and I am following the thread!


Good luck to you too!

If you start a grow journal tag me I’d love to follow along as well.

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Beginning of week 8 was yesterday.

I just flushed all three with Sledgehammer and fed them. Still no flowering yet!
Gave them another trim too.


Leaves curling under, too close to the lights?

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Looks similar to light issue I had. Can you raise it more? Otherwise your girls look like trees! Can’t wait to see your yield.

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Yeah I’m gonna try to raise them up.
My problem is I have a huge filter above the lights so I have to figure out how to move it out of the way.

Did yours recover quickly?

Yes they did recover very quick. These autos are resilient.

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I will let @Covertgrower or @Myfriendis410 see what they think. I don’t think it is a light issue my self. At least I have never had issues from hot lights like that. burnt tips yes. @dbrn32


When they look like that i think of too much air blowing on them or maybe over watering. Too much nitrogen will make them bend almost at a right angle.


Mine looked like this after a defol and water. Came right no trouble. I think it was more the watering tbh. Try not watering for a couple of days. Lifting the pot is best method to see if it’s heavy or not. Looking good!



I didnt think it was water, only because I’ve always watered the same way and never had this issue. I did flush and water yesterday morning though.

Checked this morning and I could tell it was the lights, some of top leaves were looking a little crispy.
Just moved the lights up about a foot.

Fingers crossed for a quick turn around!

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You got this!
Keep us posted on results

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Checked them out earlier, I don’t see any additional burn marks but some of the leaves are still curled down.
Maybe it was because I trimmed, then all of the smaller leaves were too close to the light and they got burned because they weren’t developed enough?

I dunno. I just hope I didn’t mess them up.

I would be willing to bet nothing is messed up. We put our time, energy, and hope into a successful grow. I am the first to admit that panic sets in quickly to fear.
Couple of things to consider in order to ease your doubts.
First and foremost these plants are resilient, and you have got them this far.
Second: there has been a bit of stress thrown at them between light situation and flush.
Keep up your diligent work.

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Thanks for putting me at ease. I’m still in disbelief that they’re not flowering yet.

Is there anything I can/should do about the curling leaves?

I will share more on Saturday, it’s the beginning of week 9.

I think you are doing it.

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Just fed them, I don’t really see a change.
I cut the Grow Big dose in half.

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Just did another check.
One of the crispy looking ones recovered pretty well but the other one is still looking messed up (White Widow).
Im at a loss.

I raised both lights up about 12" and I haven’t don’t anything else.
This happened immediately after I did a flush and trim.


I do not have patience. When it came to this growing game my impatience seemed to amp up.
When I told you that my plants recovered quickly I should have been clear to let you know that it was about a week maybe even almost 2 before everything was acceptable.
If you have one plant already looking better then you are on the right path. Don’t give up yet.

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