First auto grow, do these look alright?

Hi friends!

Today is the beginning of week 6 from popping for my latest grow. This is my first time growing autos so I just wanted to double check with you guys to see if it looks ok.

I expected there to be buds by now but I don’t see any. Maybe I’m just being impatient??


Patience and over reacting were 2 lessons I had to learn in my first Auto grow. Your plants look good, but if you have a problem; the growers here will help get you straight.
Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see your result in another 6 weeks.


Glad you approve!

I was kind of concerned maybe they were male or something that’s all. Growing certainly tests ones patience!

I tried autos this time around because I thought they grow faster. Last grow I did photos and it was right around 11-12 weeks. So far the only real difference is that the autos are more like a set it and forget it type of grow.

I think they look good too. Most of my autos veg for about 7 weeks. Just means you will have a bigger plant. Give her about a week and she should flip for you :grin:


I’ll update in a week!


Ladies look healthy, keep it up. This when it feels like nothing is happening…but, it is. Patience, padawan, patience

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plants look great you’re right on track !

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…can I/should I lollipop these things?

Looks great! You are doing it right. My autos went into flower at 3 weeks so I didn’t get the height you will. They are about 7 weeks now. You should pull a good yield. Happy growing!

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Hi everyone!

Here’s my update a week later-
Yesterday was the start of week 7 since they popped.

Still vegging?
Do I have monsters on my hands??

Can I or should I trim these?


Holy crap @i_am_a_yeti!
Your girls look fantastic. I am still learning here, so I don’t want to tel you to trim r not to trim.
I will tell you that a couple of growers here looked at my plants and directed me how to clean them up so all my energy went to buds on top not the little growth at bottom.
I am in a small 2x2 so the growers here had me clean it up enough to see through the plants. Noticed a considerable air flow difference too.

I will post picture of my before and and after.
The expert growers here will lead you to the promised land.
Keep up the great work, and continued happy growing.



Yours look pretty awesome!
I’ve been too worried to trim because my last grow didn’t go so well.
Some of the fan leaves are bigger than my hand and they block alot of light, but I see alot of people say that it’s not worth the risk of stunting them. I’d like to just do what you said and just thin it out so I could see through them.

I’m growing a White Widow, American Kush, and Fortune Cookies. Since they’re all different I don’t think the long veg has to do with the strains, it’s gotta be the nutrients.

I’m doing the FF Trio, Liquid Karma, and Sweet Raw in Happy Frog soil. Finally using rain water since I was able to setup some barrels outside.

Seems to be working well but my tent is only so big lol

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Auto’s for me usually flower on week 4 with white pistils popping up everywhere. I would snipe off some of the inner fans for more air and light penetration. Your plants look super healthy too. Try and bump up the Phosphorus § & Potassium (K) … I use Flower Fuel at 1/2 strength the beginning of flower. Flower fuel is pretty strong at 1-34-32 but the buds get so frosty you can ski off the leaves :sunglasses: I also ride the edge with a tiny bit of nute burn so I know I am giving them the max… Water til run-off when using nutes to prevent a salt buildup and a Ph lock-out. That has bit me in the ass a couple times otherwise, looking good growmie :smiley:


Your garden is outstanding Jim :grin:


These are looking good. You are way past having to worry about stunting these. If you feel you would like to remove a few fan leaves for better light or for better air flow. I would go for it. IN about 3 weeks. You are going to want to be trimming off a lot of them.


Good to know.
I’m dying to trim some of them so I think I’ll do a bit tomorrow.
Just for some light and air penetration.

So in a few weeks if/when they explode should I just keep trimming them till they’re done?


I start trimming a lot once I am 3 weeks into flower. That way they should have finished their stretch. I start trimming from the bottom up then. Get rid of the little stuff that will not get good light. @Nicky can also let you know when to start and how much once you are at that point. I check in when I am on. Nicky is always on here :wink:


Yes it’s a bit of an art form and it gets easier with experience, @Not2SureYet as almost always is right (:joy:) 3 wwwks into flower is the ideal deflation time for round one.
I also like to start from the bottom clearing it up and then going inside any leafs growing inward go and anything blocking a bud site as well as anything below half the plant those ussualy won’t grow to anything significant so force the plant to push that energy into bigger buds up top.

Most of the time I’m on, until I get home time with my family then the phone goes away lol


Just did a little thinning.

I think I’m seeing the start of some pistils too!

I’m so worried they’ll react negatively to the trimming but I trust you guys!

Top photo is after bottom one is before (from a day or two ago)



I am going to be a first time grower here soon and I hope my plant looks like yours!

I am pushing for you that your plants flowered over the last couple of days!