First auto grow and first ILGM seeds

undertaking my first auto grow and super excited to see how this turns out. I tested the current set up with some bag seed and things turned out great except i had hermy that gave me quite a bit of seed. So i wanted to try some trusted seeds and see how this goes. I planted 6 seeds of of my sweet mix pack (2) gelato, (2) wedding cake and (2) zkittzlez. All 6 germinated quickly in a clear solo cup that i placed under a box, and then into the same style cup with fox farms Happy Frog Soil, will give it some time then on to Ocean Forest, will update as i go!



Welcome @DrewskiBloom .
Excited for you and following along.
Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:
Hope you cleaned the grow area thoroughly. That pollen can linger and will affect future grows.


Welcome to the community seedlings look great.


Ohh yea, major cleaning and left empty for over a week to air out.i appreciate the advice but I was worried about that myself.


Welcome @DrewskiBloom. I got a “Sweet Mix” too with same as yours except Sunset Sherbet instead of Wedding Cake. Good luck, you’re in a wonderful spot with a wealth of information and as much so in experienced “live” help in the forums to help you succeed! Following along in your progress and wishing you awesome results

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Bro! I’m actually waiting on my sweet auto pack to come in aswell, and this is going to be my first grow! I will be documenting it on grow diaries and here.

Super excited/anxious/nervous.

Goodluck to you, I’ll be following!

What light are you using? I’ll be using the spider farmer sf1000

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Yea man I’m nervous to do the LST but from what I’ve seen it works wonders… I’ll be transplanting, and they will be under the Mars tsl3000

Day 12… things are looking good… going to transplant in another couple days.

Transplanted on Friday into a mix of fox ocean forest and happy from. We are a on day 15 total from germ plant…things seem to be going well. One was a late sprout and you can tell she is a little behind but overall they all seem to be doing great. Start LST in a few days, which I’m a bit nervous about but gotta try to get some weight on these girls. Stay Tuned!

DrewskBloom = ^ )

At what point do most people LST autos?

That’s a loaded question and I think you’ll get many different answers. I grow autos outside with about 8 hrs of full sun a day, so I like to LST around the 2nd - 3rd week to maximize sunlight.
I also LST at 45 degrees, it makes it easier to tuck away the leaves

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I was thinking more along the lines of # of nodes and height. I know there are many different growing methods want to get a consensus and try different methods and see what works best in my environment.

Things are coming along just fine… going to be moving and going to their final home on Friday!! Hope to share more when I get some buds.

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Been a while since an update but life has been crazy and I almost lost all of my girls… but things turned around and we are making progress