First auto flower plant

My friend gave me an auto flower seed. It sprouted on 6/16/20. I was just looking for some guidance on what I should be doing for it as far as nutes and pest control. Its growing outdoors in a 7 gallon fabric bag and seems healthy except for a tiny bit of yellow on bottom leaves and it looks like some kind of bug has torn some small spots off of a couple leaves. Thanks in advance for any input anyone might have.

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

I don’t grow autos, or outdoor. Let others chime in.

Your girl looks light green, even compared to the grass under her, in my indoor grow, that’s means she is hungry. I use FF Trio of nutes.

Neem oil or captain Jack’s bug killer will likely be recommend to kill what’s eating her…

Time to be proactive to keep her around, cool you reached out, when you did.

Good luck!

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Agree with @Zee about color. Looks a little pale. A light dose of veg. nutrient may be in order. Wouldn’t be concerned with yellowing bottom leaves. Usually normal process.
See if you can identify the hungry critter before applying different sprays / insecticides. Check underside of leaves too.
She looks happy and healthy


Thank you guys for the fast response one input. I will add some nutrients and spray. I will post an update soon. Thanks again for the help!

Does anyone have any input on how this plant is looking? It sprouted 6/16/20 and is a Californian Snow autoflower. Thanks.