First Attempt, Looooong grow. Bonsai plants? Deplorables Kush ;)

I think she likes getting all the attention. About 20% red hairs, so she is progressing along the 8week timeline.


So todays update is that I got some blood meal and bone meal to go in my soil, and ordered these amenities as well.


In the stuff that pops up I saw “gold panning paydirt” … “ore rich” 'gold added!" ~smh But someone is making money off of the “bycatch”, so YAY Capitalism!



So with the soil, blood meal and bone meal (already had Epsom Salt) it’ll be right at $100 I have spent on soil. I do think this will be enough for several grows though.

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And now for some education for me, and hopefully information for others - and some bud porn!
This is the progression of the largest cola on Milania, kind of cool.

And now for my education - How close am I on my estimates in your professional opinion? I will harvest each one separately if needed, but want to see how close I am on estimating the red pistils.

Input appreciated.


I think your estimates are pretty close. But then again, this is from someone who has no experience whatsoever.
$100 on soil? That’s easy, shipping all the way here, that’s what it cost to fill all of my pots plus a little more… This doesn’t include fertilizers… (shh! Don’t tell my wife!)

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The other thread I’m following has this soil mixture, that replaces the need for other nutes.

If it works, I’m all in- less to screw up!. Just pH the water - and I am assuming the pH will be different during each phase, drawing out the proper nutrients at the proper stage of growth.

So based on info from several places, I am harvesting on the 31st. I found an book, “Fundamentals of Marijuana Cultivation by K of Trichome Technologies”, and it had a schedule similar to those on here but had some additions (like pruning fan leaves) and such - for soil on a 2 day watering schedule:

6 days before harvest stop giving nutes but still just a little runoff. (make plants use remaining nutes)

4 days prior, flush (no description) but I assume just ensuring mucho run-off. (Get rid of remaining nutes)

3 days prior, prune any fan leaves, or sugar leaves with no trichomes.

2 days prior, wash (rinse) the plants with a spray bottle (pH’d water) right at lights on just to remove any dust and stuff - add fans if needed to ensure plants are dry by lights out. (not sure about this one…)

then it says 24 hours no light. By their description, just give them that last light cycle as an extra 12 dark, then harvest at leisure after the 24-36 hours. (For indoor, obviously)

The author at least admitted that it was still guesswork based on the rate of maturing, and when you guess that the trichomes will be at a certain state. And I think that 3 days might make a little difference in the buds if all the leaves are removed.


My daughter and her hubby are coming over to try the “bycatch” (sugar-trim and mini-buds) from Ivanka. It’s all crispy and packed into a nice little RAW Cone.


This is each of Melania’s flowers, one day after the compilation above. I may have to bump up the harvest schedule. Pistils going from white to red rapidly.


After further inspection, I’m keeping the schedule. The trichomes are all getting cloudy, but only a few% are amber. Perfect, Eh?

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Lovely :blush: and congrats. She’s going to make you very happy

Looking good! I need to get some of those raw cone thingys. Have never been able to roll a decent j in my entire life I can count on 1 hand the number of j’s that turned out decent! Have fun with your daughter !! Enjoy!


Update: It WORKED!!!

I had to call them to come over to get an honest opinion :wink: … and because my tolerance and consistent uhm, medication makes my opinion less valuable. I can say that it tasted wonderful and was not harsh at all, even though it was mostly sugar-leaves.


Your ladies are drop dead gorgeous! I’m jealous of your kids lol.

OH MY GOD! Melania is naked!!!


So, as far as ripening goes, these 2 are side by side…

I was thinking about harvesting at separate times, but since different levels of ripeness produce a different high, I’m just gonna have me a damn buffet…

I said buffet because I couldn’t spell smorgasbord… :thinking:


Just some porn


Frosty Lady (humming the Jimi Hendrix tune…)


trying to like but am out… :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: Who, I think your porn is the best! Good GOD!!! that looks tasty…

Just a few more days!