First attempt cloning any tips?



Get a humidity dome of some sort setup over them. Also, try removing more lower growth and the tips of the fan leaves. Looking good otherwise!


Thanks…im just experimenting figured id snip a few small sucker branches and give it a go


Good luck! I hope they all pull through for ya! :smiley:


Get dome for sure bro


Cut the stems, dip in CloneX or similar product, and put them in the damp grow cubes immediately. Keep them humid. They have no roots, so you have to feed and water them through leaf misting. Add a dome and spray the plants and dome walls every 6 hours. CFL moderate light. Roots in 15 days, then transplant into beer cups. 100% success for all my clones.


Gtrat thanks i made a dome out of saran wrap and i did use clonex when i cut them…how many days untill roots start to show ?



Hey will this work for a gumidity dome? I made a small hole for misting to


Saran wrap, individual transparent plastic cups, anything that lets a bit of air and light in is okay. Roots should show on the outside of the peat cubes in 15 days. I think you might want a removeable dome so you can really mist those leaves. Larger (EG 6 inch) clones may take longer. About 3 inches total seems to work better. Keep those peat cubes moist.