First Attempt at Hash

The result took me back to when I was 17 (the last time I had hash.) My taste beds recognized it and loved it.

I started with 10 grams of bud. I got a gram of really good hash from a 30 micron filter and about 5 grams of keif for making tea from the second filter through a metallic coffee filter. I’m hoping the keif still has enough goo on it to make a worthwhile tea. The hash is awesome.

Amazon is delivering a pollen press today so I can put it in a puck.


Look up the ‘dry ice’ method. You’ll never go back.


I used a blender and distilled water ice.

Great idea! I just watched a dry ice method video. There’s a store nearby that sells dry ice. I’m going to do that for the next go around.

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Just use the 73 micron screen and you’re done. I’ve been doing it this way ever since I first heard of it.


I’m going to do that for the next round. I’m not going to do a whole lot, so I ordered a set of 1 gallon bags from Amazon (with a 73 micron bag included.)

Thank bunches for the tip. It will be great to get some yield off of plant matter I’d ordinarily throw away and I really like the hash.

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A couple of tips: (I use the 1 gallon as well)

Freeze your flower beforehand. You need 1/2 pound at most of dry ice. You can also throw a handful of quarters in there (or washers) to help break the trichomes down. When you shake, shake into a pile, consolidate it, then shake another pile. Keep doing this until you see a visible change in color (gold) to a more greenish cast. That’s your cue to stop.


Thanks. I’ll expect better from 73 microns. I just hit some of the keif from my metallic coffee filter and it was okay too. I’ll expect better things from the 73 micron filter.


My dry ice hash puck


Nice if just recently started making hash as well pretty much the same way unfortunately I’m an hr away from the nearest dry ice supplier .my son in law is addicted to making it since I taught hi how he is sifting every thing he can get a hold of even some 3 year old scrap I had lol

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@Carol4486 Did you make that from bud or plant waste? If it’s from buds, can you please tell me the weight of the material you started with? I only got about a 10% yield using the blender method.

I have bubble bags coming that will be the proper size for dry ice that will be here tomorrow.

I’ve gotten about 10 grams from an oz of bud

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Nice! I’ve got a bunch of other material that came from a more coarse, early process filter, but I’m not going to press it. I’ve been making tea out of it. The tea is really enjoyable and it doesn’t take much.

Mine was trim and some larfy buds

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No blending or grinding just dry ice and shake shake shake. The (larfy)buds were not hard at all

I have run some trim as well but don’t really remember how much