First attempt at growing. All help appreciated

I had several seeds(Goldleaf Auto’s) sprouted, then I put them in grow bags filled with Organic Plus Moisture holding ingredients, outside with about six hours of direct sunlight per day. Two days after breaking the soil they were about a inch and a half tall. They broke in two during the second day. The temperatures where I’ve got them growing has been between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The conditions have also been partly cloudy, with light rain. My question is what have I done, or not done right to cause this issue? Next question is, should I start them inside for a short period of time like I do my vegetable plants? I’ve started another round of seeds yesterday of Girl Scout Cookie Extreme Autos. Hopefully I do a better job after germination with these.

Yeah i would start them inside under some CFL lights don’t need to have anything crazy. They also like high humidity so I used cut off bottoms of clear pop bottles and prayed then with water


Thanks for response.

Definitely inside in a controlled environment to give them the best chance at survival & starting off strong. I’m willing to bet they dried, shriveled at base a bit and bent over at stem ish area… get pics up as well, pictures speak a thousand words… welcome to the forum btw…I think your aloud like 2 pics a post or something as a new member… anywho best of luck…oh yeah and definitely a done like he said & mist her often, under leaves as well


Thanks for advice

Be very careful not to be over watering to much this is not good for babies this can cause that problem but without pics or more info it’s hard to say what’s going on soil with to much nutrients in them can also cause problems

Thanks for commenting.