First attempt at fluxing


Thanks @TDubWilly for sharing the link to this journal - glad to have found it! Looks great @Botcan - glad to see someone trying this method out.


Thanks. I was surprised when I couldnt find much info on this process.


Looks good, I want to see if bulk up.

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As you would before doing a supercrop technique. Gently squeezing around the stem until you feel it give without actually rupturing stalk.

While it makes it more pliable to work at the time, the plant will recognize the injury and will beef itself up as a defense mechanism. The larger stalks and branches will help with nutritional flow, both above and below the surface.


Ahhh gotcha! Ive seen people do this by rolling the stalk between their fingers. Its obviously too late now, but will try this out on my next grow. Thanks


I openened my tent today to find this. I gave her her her first bloom feeding but no more water than i usually give. Which is just under 2 gallons with a 10-15 runoff. Is this symptoms of over watering? Uhhg… everything was going so well.

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@Botcan The leafs normally do that when it’s heat stress taco leafs


Hmm. I’m running a 400w HPS at 18" above the plant, proper ventilation, and two fans blowing on the canopy. Room temp isnt going over 26C. Maybe ill try raising the light a little. @Hogmaster

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@Botcan I would take it up 22-24 inches above Canopy it’s good temps It’s probably the intensity of the light


:ok_hand: I’ll make that adjustment and see it it helps. Should return to normal fairly quick? Is there anything else I can do?


That should take care of it

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Use the back of your hand at canopy. If it is hot on your hand it is hot to the plant


Did that work out for you @Botcan

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When I checked them this morning it had not gotten worse. @Hogmaster

I’ll have another look this evening when the lights come back on. Should I expect the leaves to flatten out back to their original shape? I understand that any damage done to the leaves is usually un-reversable, but they had not dried out or turned brown yet.


In that case you should be perfectly fine even when ever you feed and you burn the tips they still come back there certain deficiencies where they want and they get to a certain age where they just die off but your issues should bring it right back to normal @Botcan

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Glad to hear! I will post another pic this evening and see if theres any improvements. Thanks @Hogmaster

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So it seems the problem hasn’t stopped quite yet. I’m not sure if this is still just the effects of heat stress finally showing, or if there is still something that needs to be done. Some of the leaves that curled are showing slight brown blotches. What do you think @Hogmaster

Natural light

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Heat stress or nut burn? @MacGyverStoner


To lay things out a bit better, here is what has occurred in the past 2 weeks:

  • Feb 10 Switched to 12-12 - MH to an HPS
  • Switched to “transition” nutrient mix GH
  • Feb 22 Gave first bloom mix.
  • Feb 25 leavlf curl
  • Feb 26 brown blotches.

I’m assuming by tomorrow the blotches will be bigger. I’m thinking this may be an issue with pH of my soil as my pH of my runoff hovering around 6 or slightly less. Would it hurt to flush with straight pH water and get that soil to the proper level?


What strength nutes did you give her?