First attempt at fluxing



Just though I’d share my new grow with everyone and maybe pickup a few tips along the way. Going on week 7 and things are looking good in my opinion. I’m trimming and manipulating approx every 3 days. Any tips will be very much appreciated.

EDIT: I apologize, the images did not upload in order.

White Widow
Soil in fabric pots
PH of runoff: 6-6.5
General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro & calmag
Indoor 3x4x6 grow room
Light system: 400W Hilux MH
Temps; Day 28c / Night 17c
Humidity; Day 20 / Night 60
Ventilation; Yes


Looks great. I’ve been wanting to try that but the vegg time seems too long


u have the start of true manifold/mainline training.!!

this is the skeleton of a plant topped at the 2nd node and had 4 main branches, a tight little bush…


The veg time is definitely tedious, but I am still surprised how easialy a plant can be manipulated. They re-coup quickly too.


Nice plant!



So far my grow is going beautifully. I’m just not sure when to let her start growing vertical, and when to trigger flower.

Any suggestions?


This is so cool! What does this achieve? Is this like a netless scrog?


Following for sure :metal: i downloaded this pic for future reference


All depends on how I take it from here I guess.

Switch it to flower now and have 24 main colas main lined to the main stock, or grow it out vertically another 12", then trigger flower and scrog from there…

Really not sure what would be ideal.


I’m watching. Absolutely intrigued to see where this goes.


Well I’ve triggered flower as of today on my fluxed white widow… Shes looking healthy and doing great. Wish me luck. I wonder how far shell stretch during flower?


Nice work she’s healthy and beautiful, can’t wait to see the results.