First attempt any advice or suggestions much appreciated

Want to know how I’m doing and some other questions below pics.

Area : 4ftx6ftx7ft mylar walls white ceiling next time all white
Lighting: 18-6 hrs with Mars hydro sp 250 14 in from leaves , converted street light 600 mh with 2 inch exhaust fan on reflector 28 in from canopy

Exhaust:6 in vivosun inline fan pulling through filter under shed . Plus oscillating fan

Seeds:bruce banner from us cannabis seed (didnt know at time could get them here).2 unknown bag seeds
Water: distilled ph down to 6.3

Nutrients: advance nutrients connoisseur ph perfect 2 part solution a and b , calmg by general organics

Temperatures:65-75 50 % humidity

Soil: coco loco with 35% perlite in 5 gallon and 7 gallon air pots

They are 2 1/2 to 3weeks veg they seem kinda small to me I was curious on what’s some of the screw ups I’ve already done lol. I did add more soil because they seemed spindly for me I think may contribute to shorter duh. After making it by overwatering craze I managed to give nutrients at half to1/4 strength. So I’m curious if I may have stunted them with nuts or water . Off topic I was reading a earlier post dont remember author but he was on his second grow and was mention how he could notice if there happy or not I second that mine are not happy and perky right now need a lil help they arent droopy or anything just not happy as usual .


The grow room is inside a 12ft x 10ft x 10ft high shed walled in 4x6ftx7ft


Do you have a PH and TDS meter? What are you feeding exactly? (how strong?)

Plants actually look fine. Much rather see them a touch hungry now than deep green. Be cautious with water until the roots match the pot: that can slow down a plant significantly.

What is your feeding watering regimen? Most growers do a feed/water/feed/water. Some will do a feed/feed/water with cal mag on water days.

I do have ph meter and what is tds meter ? It’s called connoisseur by advance nutrients it’s in 2 part mix together solution And cal mg . 2ml a liter for both of connoisseur and 1.9 ml a liter of camg+ .i gave it all at once 2 days ago it was first full dose of nutes

I was just water only this time was waiting on to dry out a little more

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TDS meter measures your solution concentration and are pretty inexpensive. It is very helpful as you can target the strength of your nutrients by actually looking at the liquid.

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I just ordered one. I also raised the light a little


This is one of the unknown bag seed what’s wrong with it

It looks pretty good. What leads you to believe something is wrong?

Alot of my seedlings have went through funky stages in the beginning. If I have a funky leaf or plant that gets the same thing as everyone else then I dont worry about it.

Growing right beside one another the bigger one is bruce banner and it’s a week younger than the little one

Ok the meter came the ph of the distilled water going in is 6.19ish and ppm is 4ppm and coming out is around 6.01 ph and 1660 ppm

Don’t worry about distilled water; whatever reading you get is wrong. Once you add nutrients to your water you can measure PH and TDS. You want to start off at around 300 ppm and work up as the plants respond. PH to your media which should be around 6.0 with Coco Loco IIRC. I probably wouldn’t go much higher than 300 ppm anyway as that’s soil, not coco.

Stalled growth usually indicates either root problems or plant shock (from things like recent transplant or sudden changes in temp/light).

If you think it may be a root problem, I would use a product to flush the roots like FF Boomarang (the first one I can think of off the top of my head).

Not Boomarang. I meant Sledgehammer. Boomarang might help too, but I was talking about flushing the roots.

My tdm is 300, out of the filter. I’ve read 400-600 ppm is good for late seedling. So I added in some nutes and I’m at 370, better safe than sorry right?

I think it was just my ignorance on first try. Cause they are thriving still not getting taller but bushy.!


Should I start thinking about pruning some it none of bottom leaves get light !


Is there anything I should worry about when the leaves are dry and almost plastic feeling.Also 2 of the on the very edges of the ripple on the leaves are losing color. Could that be from the fan constantly blowing on it rubbing the color off from 2 leaves rubbing together?

But otherwise completely completely healthy I think . I know my opinion dont compare . I majored in biology and even took botany 1 and 2 it doesnt compare to what experience and passion can show u

Taking 6 days ago dont think I have nuttin to worry about