First ak47 auto grow


I keep hearing your name . Ive read alot of you post . Can you tell me what u think about these . They are 6 1/2 weeks into flower .


@Hellraiser sorry 6 1/2 weeks old

They look like they are about 3 weeks into flowering, very dark leaves - may want to cut down on the nitrogen a bit.

Cutting back on nitrogen right now . I do have a bloom booster formula 2 . Ratios 2-5-7 .should i not give that to her

She’s looking very well fed, if it was my plant, I’d do a water only or 2 before giving any more nutes.


Ty for the advise

Is she done ? How close do you think ? Thx

Looks like a lot of white pistils still. Probably a few more weeks.

What do the trichomes look like?

Almost there. Nice looking bud!


They look milky to me not sure if enough . Just ordered a jewlers loupe 60x …

As all strains differ, I have read about some maturing while still having white hairs. For the most part, you will want those hairs to turn brownish and begin to get sucked into the bud as it fattens up.

The loupe will give you the best view.

I would still wait a bit more time.