Firs scrog grow ILGM gold leaf


firs time trying the scrog the girls are 40 days from seed and looking Beautiful. I’m using a 39 x 39 x 79 agro max tent with A 6 inch vent. 4 small fans for circulation. 400 watt hps from start to finish. for germination soaked seeds in PH water for 24 hours flushed soil in Dixie cups and put in tent for 24 hrs after 24 hrs planted seeds in cups. i’m afraid of the paper towel method because I don’t want to damage taproots only 2 days and they popped through the soil. i’m using roots organic potting soil and roots organic nutrient line.I transplanted them from the cups to their final container I think they are 4 1/2 gallon pots on 5/5/17 and they took off from there. I mad my scrog out of 1inch oak plow stakes and some fence I had out side it is 37 x 37 and it is 24 inches from the floor.



Good looking garden @eric2 the girls look great! I will be growing gold leaf on my next grow as well!


As will I :slight_smile:


Very nice looking plants and set up!! I’ve just germinated and I am setting up to do a 3 plant ScrOG also. Love the kitty. My kitten just way to damn curious and destructive. Best of luck keep us posted and the more details the better IMO.


Will be fun to watch :eyes::+1:t2:


thank you the cat absalutely loves the grow room she hears the zipper and comes running she doesn’t mess with the plants at all so I let her stay while I’m working on them


Looking good. I’ll be growing some gold leaf next grow as well.


Please give us some info on your setup.
Tent size, lighting, ventilation, etc…


^^^ @Rugar89.

@eric2 My tent is 39"x39"x63" and I am constructing a ScrOG screen just like this one above I plan to make it 39"x30" and would love to know the size of this one. I am planning 3 plants also but perhaps I will need a fourth as your screen looks a tad smaller than what I’m planning.

So much to consider but I hope my babies look just like yours when they start to fill the screen.

Topped once, twice? Maybe fimmed once?? Thanks for sharing.


my tent is 39 x 39 x 79 I made the scrog from 1 inch oak plow stakes and some fence I had laying around it is 37 x 37 24 inches from the floor. I was planing to put one outside but i decided not to. 3 is to many for the tent but I’m not ready for outside yet. it should fill up quick I hope. I hope your plants do well too good luck


I only toped once because thers not going to be enough roomin there


Thanks Man. So yeah based on this, I am sticking with 3 plants. Since I can legally have 6 mature plants for rec use, my other three are going in the backyard even though I’ve done zip to prepare a plot.


no problem I’m going to start some ww autos outside next week I just don’t know if I should put them in the ground or in pots


You can honestly fill that screen with just one plant. But looking great dude!



I knew that but me being a newbie wanted to rush everything another lesson learned.


the girls are starting to fill in I think there looking good. I’m going to guess I have the start of a cal-mag deficiency. going to get some cal-mag tomorrow hopefully that works if anyone sees something I’m doing wrong just let me know. criticism is welcome to can learn a lot from criticism thanks.:slight_smile:


The girls are starting to fill in nicely the one in the back right is struggling doesn’t seem to want to recover right away she has a deficiency I’m trying to correct she’s getting another does of silica blast tonight hopefully she will respond thought I would just give an update I have to show them to somebody LOL happy growing everyone :grinning:
@bob31 @Rugar89 @Screwauger @Jmesser80 @Hogmaster @Nug-bug @Matthew420 @Majiktoker @Donaldj @B345T please let me know if you see something I should be doing they wouldn’t be this nice without all your help thank you!


Very nice Scrog - Well done see you have put in the time and work to make it perfect!


Looking good, keep up the great work


Filled right up. :+1: