Fired Up, Ready to Grow

The hps light is crap for pictures lol

In my opinion I would wait until the leaves have reached out over the sides of the pot. It is hard to tell what size containers they are in. I know in solo cups you want to wait until the leaves reach the sides of the cup and I normally go 4-5 days past that. I personally have not used FFOF but I use living soil. But FFOF is considered hot and sometimes it causes nute burn in small plants but I think with the size of yours they are probably good to go in it.


Your are beautiful. What are they?
Thanks for the tip(s)!

Skywalker og

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Note to self: when you’re wondering why your temp too high and humidity too low, maybe you should notice that your variable speed vent is on the lowest speed and try turning it up. That did the trick - temp hovering in low 80s, humidity around 60º.

After deciding to hold off on repotting, I noticed roots pushing out the bottom, especially on the bubblegum. So rather than kill all 3 at once, I decided to repot that one earlier today. If she still looks good tomorrow I’ll do the others.

BBG is in 3 gal pot. Bottom 1/2 all FFOF; top half split with lower half (so 3rd qtr from bottom) 75-25 mix OF to HF, remaining (top) qtr a 50-50 mix with about an inch of extra HF around the roots.

Yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing but it made sense at the time.

Transplanted the other 2 today into 5lb potshots. Same soil mix as for big. Here they are!

So here’s another angle of Bbg. Wondering if the yellowing toward the center, even though it’s minimal, means I need to adjust anything. Thoughts?


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Must say I’m pretty proud of my grow so far. All 3 girls are looking good after I fimmed them a day apart; bbg 3 days ago, wwh 2 days ago, ak47 yesterday. Soil mix described in earlier post.

Questions of the day:

  • Since I’m using mostly FFOF will I still need to add nutrients?
  • Still having a hard time keeping humidity up, but since they still look on track, how will I know low vpd is actually hurting them?
  • What’s a good watering schedule for 3 weeks into veg?
  • Should I plan to fim again?
  • Seems that lights 18/6 at 12" is working. Sound okay?

Here they are, thanks as always omfor your wisdom!

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Yes, eventually.

Mild cases will usually just result in a little slower growth. If it gets very bad you will see leaves react some, maybe roll like taco shell or curl. Sometimes can create some nutrient availability looking issues too.

Mature plants in soil, water throughly then allow to dry out before watering again. Too many variables to say it should be certain amount of days, like pot size and environment. Right now I would say you should probably have to water every few days if things are going well.

Depends on shape you want plant to take. I don’t purposely fim or top any of my plants. Others do several rounds. No right or wrong answer here, just a matter of what you want.

Schedule is good. Height you just have to watch your plants and adjust as necessary. Leaves look layered a little tight, you may want to raise a little to increase node spacing some.


Just remember to not over think it and just enjoy the grow

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That may be the best advice so far. I’ve over thought every step… lol


It can be hard not to :rofl::rofl:

:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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They are looking great.

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Thanks! Have appreciated all the help I get here.

Can’t believe I’m only 3 weeks since sprouting my 3 feminized ilgm seeds: AK47, Bubblegum and White Widow! They’re just hitting that stage where the daily growth is amazing. I fimmed them a few days backand it really made them pop. Here they are today:

Made a few setup changes this week: flipped the inline fan/filter/exhaust to the opposite side of the tent so I could run tubing into the attic rather than out front of closet; rehung the lights in a logical way and to make it easier to adjust height, currently 14”; bought 2 cheap clip fans to replace the old fan I was using that was too large for the space, bought a cheep humidifier because I was struggling to keep humidity above 40%. Here’s a panoramic shot (only a 2x4x5 setup, not as big as image makes it look);

So far, so good but know I need to plan ahead on need for nutes at some point, glad to get advice on ways to keep those costs down. Soil mix since I transplanted to big-girl pots about 10 days ago is mostly FFOF—see post above about exact mix.

Thanks @dbrn32 @Dennis62 @Shaggy @patchman @Mrniceguy1 @Oldschool82 @OldTimeRockAndGrow @forcedinduction @Hareesa @BStarr for helping me get this far!


Looking good. Sorry I can’t give any real advice on nutes. I have never used them. Although next week I will be trying my first batch out. But from what I have read with FFOF you should be good for 4-6 weeks I think.


Man things are looking really good, everyone looks happy. The nutes I buy are a brand called flower power, but are in the Netherlands and shipping is a long event. And no better than some others you can get local. But I hope others chime in on that… Looks like @OldTimeRockAndGrow is on point, you have time… keep up the good work man :smile:


@Naptown I’m just here to be your cheering squad :mega::+1::grin:


Hey thanks. Just 2 few days later and they seem way too tightly packed. I just raised lights from 13” to 18”, do you think I should grow higher? Should I adjust anything else, do some pruning, etc? Here are the BBG and AK, left is 48hrs ago, right is today.

Here’s a pan wide shot

Thanks again!


I think they look good.