Fire OG Kush 4 in a 3x3

-Method: Soil Grow, top 1/3 FFHF, bottom 2/3 FFOF
-Vessels: 3g bags
-Indoor 3x3x6 tent
-HLG 260 R
-Jacks TAP and Bloom

Fast forward a bit through the slow part.
I just moved from party cups to final home yesterday so I thought I’d get this journal started.

I am moving the odd height baby out to a friend today keeping the 4 at the closest common height. That one was behind the whole time.

Trying out jacks TAP for this grow, some day I’ll be a big boy and set up a RO system but Inglewood’s finest water is feeding them for now :slight_smile:

The RS11 from last grow turned out well and hoping for even better this run :+1:


Looking good there brother! Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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There’s always 1 runt. But that’s usually the juiciest 1 most of the time. Hope your buddy has a good grow with her. And good luck to you on your 4.


He has so far, I passed the two RS11clone’s I didn’t keep off to him and his came out with a little tighter buds than my batch :joy:

And yeah, every runt I’ve had has been a better example than the rest too


Water day today, topping tomorrow.
They are staying pretty stubby, lights sitting at 24" above canopy, might drop power a click or two.


They are drinking fast, watered again and topped them.
They are probably the most robust plants I’ve grown so far. Healthy with a super thick stalk.


Looking good. Time for a top or some lst.

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Yep, they got topped. Starting Jacks TAP next watering.

Jack’s TAP and epsom comes in 6.55 - 6.60 with my tap water, so far so good.
Clipped a bunch of fans, they were getting really bushy. Had to clear a bunch from underneath.
Turned the light down a little but they are staying super compact, I think another foot or so to go till the flip to 12/12 :+1:


Nice looking fire ogs.

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Clipped many more leaves… so many leaves…

Switching to 12/12 in a couple days and feeding Jacks Bloom (need to add calcium to this one) for 2 weeks. Had phosphorus issues (I think) with last grow using Canna nutes, didn’t start the bloom food soon enough or not enough (or both), not sure so I’ll be starting with a bloom nute well before any pre-flowers show.

I think I could have pushed TAP a little harder, had slight signs of calcium def starting to show at recommend 5.04g per gallon. Last water was 5.30g and it painted the tips within 2 days. Maybe somewhere in-between when I change back to TAP a few weeks from now. Then Jacks finish for the last week or so :+1:

3 out of 4 have a case of peyronie’s disease :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Flipped to 12/12 on the 22nd and fed Jacks Bloom that day with 1/2 dose Epsom then 4ml/G Cal Mag last ingredient.
Also clipped more leaves and got rid of the lower sucker branches… this things growin like a weed :joy:

Super healthy so far, started to get a little calcium def in the old leaves a couple weeks ago, Jacks said change from 5.04g to 5.3g. Made the change, clipped off the old leaves and no signs of the def since. Running recommended mix of Bloom for now.

Jacks said run bloom for 1 week max because no calcium but I’m going to try for 2 with the added Cal Mag and I also mixed a little lime in with the FF soil because that stuff seems to run really low PH, any sign of a def and I’m back to TAP till the last week then Finish.
So far water out has been ~0.05 lower PH than water in so all good :+1:

2 out of 4 are shorties so I put the trusty 2x6’s under them to get the canopy closer to level (right 2).


beautiful work!

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What ph up and down solution do you use bro?
Nice plants my friend!

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@alexankh Thanx!

@The_Chef General Hydroponics but I haven’t used down since I started using Jacks.

Jacks TAP comes in around 6.6 with my tap water so I haven’t used anything up to the switch to flower.

Jacks Bloom comes in low around 6.0 so I’ve needed to use PH up with that nute.

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Tent is filling up nicely, another day or two before it’s day 1 of flower :+1:
I changed Cal Mag from regular with N to Mendo flowering Cal Mag about a week after flipping to 12/12. Won’t need that around the 5th when I go back to TAP.

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Couple days short of Jacks max recommend 2 weeks on Bloom and going back to TAP. No messing around with PH, hits 6.5-6.6 every time with TAP.

Notes for next grow…
With Bloom, I used regular Cal Mag for the 1st two waterings, ending up using 3ml/Gal then switched to Mendo flowering Cal Mag.
Both I used 1/2 dose of Epsom.
Mendo was 0.3ml/Gal (recommend is 1ml) and got through Bloom without any Cal deficiency.

Plants are super healthy so far :crossed_fingers:
I love you Jack :heart:

Close enough to first day of flower to note it on the calendar.
Did more trimming and suspect I will snip more sucker branches that don’t make it to the canopy, giving them more time to do what they do.


Snipped some of the sucker branches that didn’t look like they were going to do much and thinned out some of the fan leaves again.

Leaves look great, strong stems, no issues so far.

Not sure if I’m going to stream much further, running out of headroom :scream:


Edt: Not sure if I’m going to stretch much further…

Maybe another 5 inch or so. Not much more I believe. Have to factor in the height of buds stacking. Looks to me like you have plenty of headroom. Nice grow.

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