Finishing up WW grow questions help


Into last weeks of a small grow with 3 Auto WW plants… one is about a week ahead of the others. Did a 3x flush with 6.5PH water and Molasses last Thursday and runoff of 394ppm. This morning runoff was at 507 PPM… is this normal… should I be running more water thru… less?

The plan is : Did another water/Mol Saturday and just did a plain cold cold water this morning… 1 more cold water on Friday… with last cold water and ice going on next Tuesday and into dark for 72ish hours. Any suggestions needed on plan changes.

TIA - Happy Growing

What’s does 3x flush mean to you? How I understand it is 3 x pot size, so 5 gallon pot will take roughly 15 gallons to flush.

Sounds like your soil still has nutes in it.

Yes wasn’t quiet 3x as I only put 12.5 gals thru it.

Should I do another large flush quickly to get all the nutes out… or will the last couple waters finish them. Using water that measures 125 ppm so all won’t come out with it. Before flush my runoff was 2400ppm so they are way down now.

A few more gallons wouldn’t hurt. Sounds like you are doing everything right.

Ppms sound high at 2400. Any pics of these girls?

Yeah… I just got a meter about a week ago… learning a lot here. Will see if I can get these pics to post… never done it before.

try again… pics! Not sure. Nothing like some pics I have seen here… but for me I am happy with it… so far. :slight_smile:

Girls1|640x480 girls2