Finishing up my first year

So here I am starting what I assume will be the last batch I can harvest this year. So currently I am running a super skunk auto, white widow auto, and a sweetberry cough auto from the previous batch about 4 weeks old. They are in a 2x4 with a hlg 360 elite, 3 gallon pots and happy frog soil.

Then the new batch is 3 white widow autos , 2 super skunk autos , a sweetberry cough auto, gsc auto and a critical xl auto. They are also in a 2x4 with 3 gallon pots and happy frog. They have 2 hlg 100s.

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Think thatll be enough to get you thru the winter lol. Nice strain selection.

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Probably I just finished drying up 4 jars that are curing. Just wanted a little diversity.


Looking really nice Skorp! You are really dialed in!


Awesome. May your yields outweigh your expectations.


So today I got to thinking… For those who don’t know that can be very dangerous. So if I run a 12/12 I could just run my lights 24 hours a day and just swap plants in and out of the tent and double production. So I already have an assembly line grow going now I could add another shift. Lol