Finishing strong

Shout out to @garrigan62. Been watching your weather. Everything ok down there in Tennessee? Is there a tea specifically for flower? Hope all is well, man. What can I do to finish the job. Want hard tight buds. Thank you


Unfortunately Will is no longer with us to answer your questions. I think there are a few tea recipes on the forum somewhere, but I haven’t used any to recommend a specific recipe.


=( I figured, it just never crossed my mind. He is missed.

I don’t have anything to add in teas other than to use the search option.

Did he pass away?

Unfortunately yes. Latewood put this post up


Thanks. I am so sad. I have leukemia. Do you know what kind of cancer took his life?

I think it was lung cancer, but I don’t know that to be confirmed diagnosis.

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So sorry to hear this. I knew Will and his dad from years ago. His dad had a farm stand, here in MA. GREAT GUY. Will miss his endless knowledge. RIP WILL my friend.


We only feed with teas. Start to finish. We only chang a few things durring flower. I like to increase the molasses and bat guno. I found found this to help out greatly.
Make sure not to increase it all atnonce. If you are going to double thw amount of the molasses do it over 2 or three teas.
Happy growing…


For the short time I knew him would be difficult to argue. He was always kind, generous, and made me laugh.

Great. Thank you man. I can ALWAYS.count on this forum. It is the best. RIP @garrigan65

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FYI. :frowning: Will passed away February 25th. Thanks for asking.

I knew him when we were both kids. His dad had a local farmstead. He was a great guy.:v::sunglasses:

Bad news. Nice guy, helped me with my soil. I liked him.

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