Finishing Question

I’m running a 3 bucket RDWC. My 2 Jack Herer autos are a couple weeks apart due to some issues I had in the very beginning of the run. So, I’m going to have finish one without the other.
My question is, do I isolate the girl I’m going to finish from the reservoir or do I isolate the girl I’m still feeding from the reservoir?
Thank you

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I’d just cut buds off as they mature. Can’t really do much of a flush if they are all on different times and in the same bucket. There is debate if flushing really makes a big difference.

Thanks WickedAle. I may have misunderstood your reply. The girls are in separate buckets but share a reservoir. Harvesting as they are ready sounds like a great option. I have been under the impression that finishing is a must.

The finish is probably the most debated as to effectiveness

  • flushing and for how long
  • drill/split the stem or not and how long
  • 48 hrs dark before harvest
  • Defoliate or not

Sure, I’ll try them but I haven’t seen any side by side data to demonstrate one way or the other. Just subjective opinions on both sides.


You can probably go to straight ph’d water for a short period too. I believe I’ve seen @tdubwilly or @bogleg do this in middle of a grow without issue.


The problem with not doing everything you can is that if it ends up not tasting good you’ll regret not having tried. Is it better? Who really knows? I would at least do what you can. Make sure you don’t mess up the harvest and end up with your hard work tasting like like hay. It happens all the time.

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This is simple as it gets:

DWC doesn’t need a full “finish” like soil.

Run no nutes for 2-3 days, harvest the plant that is ready during the dark period and then reintroduce your your nutrients to the other plant till it finishes.

@Grandaddy013 is right in the middle of a split harvest that I was helping him with. Maybe he can tell you some about his results


I did just like tdub said, couple of days flush, dark, harvested top buds, added nutes and turned lights back on. Everything running as it should.


@TDubWilly @Grandaddy013
That sounds perfect! Nice and simple. I will do exactly what you’re recommending. Way less complicated than what I was going to do. I’ll save my Flawless Finish for another run.
Thanks so much.