Finishing outdoor plants inside


Do I need lights to finish outdoor plants inside because of frost, they only have a week or two to go. They are in a west facing window.


Lights would be better. Sun from the window just isn’t enough


With only a week to go, the light cycle is not important. They could get only 1 hour of sun a day, it won’t affect them much. What is important however is the dark cycle. At this stage it’s crucial to give your ladies 12 hours of uninterrupted complete darkness each night. One night of frost will not harm the plants either. Three or four consecutive nights, that will start to cause problems. If you’re going to bring them inside, just be sure to keep a fan on them, and again, 12 hours of darkness is crucial.


How about bringing them in at night? @Daveyjames207 makes a good point about the dark period.