Finished product smells/tastes like arse!

I did a search for
GoVee humidity/temperature pucks

And what I found was 11 bucks… is this wrong thing?


@mesfit… I have a loupe. Im a mess

Is it a two-pack?

I am 60 yrs old and growing for my mom. I dont do it

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That why patients re the key in cure time I hear ppl cure for 4 Months

I could not find any thing saying 2 pack. I’ll look again

You want the H5101.

Honestly any of them will work, but those are the least expensive and they’re small enough for a mason jar.

Edit: They’re $17/pair. A bargain at twice the price


Nice, thanks for the tip. I’ll add that to the list of things to put in the master plan

The third most common mistake is to harvest based on the “flowering days” given by the breeder. They have every incentive to lie about how fast their genetics run, and everyone posts these numbers so even honest people have to fudge numbers somewhat.



Don’t worry Im rookie but I learn a little bit and I have mistake to one day a I make one plant sick with wind burn and nitro deficiency and my other plant born with variagate genetic mutation and I have another seedling stage in the pot that the other one was living so far that how look today

And all that is for my wife lmao :rofl::joy_cat::joy_cat: thats

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Learning make you better so I know what is my stain and how long to harvest so I read about thricome,dry,cure

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Your dry is ultimately way more important than your cure. A cure can fix a fucked drying process, to an extent. But for all the chlorophyll to dissipate so it doesn’t taste like hay that I’d mildly poisonous as a combustion by product (smoking), you need to dry slowly. Aim for 60% in 10 days to be safe. Drying isn’t as important for edibles for this reasons. Eating plants is great for humans, we ingest chlorophyll with great benefits. can’t smoke it. See tobacco, but no one’s saying go that dry. As it’s commonly said, unless you’ve cured your own, you most likely have never tasted cured. Street level weed never is. Dispensary rarely. I get fresh picks from the dispensaries anyway. Cheaper. Week 1 of curing in the dispensaries drawer.


@Budz do you get in point my dry I am think to dry 10 days to

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Aim for 60% humidity, keep air moving at all times but never even a breeze on the buds. You don’t want to see the buds twitch once from wind in that 10 days, but still keep it consistently moving around and out the dark to exchange with whatever larger room you’re maintaining 60% humidity under 80f. Easier than it sounds. A lot of people find a spare bathroom no uses great for this. No one’s opening the door, messing up your environment. Have an external vent built in.


Noob question. What happens if there’s too much breeze or directly on bud? Outside drys too much and inside not enough/ at all and ou end up with mold mildew on the inside?

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No it just dries quicker.

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Does it smell like a skunk? Just wondering. If it’s grassy you may have left to much leaf on the buds.

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Admittedly I only have one dry & cure under my belt, but I think 5 days is too fast of a dry.

I live in a desert, so I dried mine in a dark tent. Kept rH at 50% for the first two days, then bumped it to 55% until the plant was dry. Came out OK in 7 days. Dried the plant as a whole. (didn’t separate the branches)

Next time I’ll trim a lot less off before the dry and try for 8 or 9 days.


You may want to use a humidifier, in your situation. Just be sure to use distilled water in it.


Well, inside the tent where the jars and the plants originally hung to dry, RH is about 50% and temp is about 70. Fluctuating here and there. I haven’t really messed with it as it’s not reading outrageous numbers.

It is possible (good chance) I plucked them too soon. If you looked at my other post, they really did look ready to me based off the pistils and trichomes. Guess I was wrong :frowning:

Not a worry here. I know the breeders will put shorter times to entice people to get their product.