Finished product smells/tastes like arse!

So I cut down my GG AF on 4/9. She hung for about 5 days until branches snapped. Then she was put into jars. The jars were put into a grow tent I’m not using (dark).

Finished product didn’t some out as expected - Can read the thread here if interested

I’ve been burping them every day from 10-20 mins. However, the smell is still SUPER grassy. I can’t smell anything that comes close to green I’ve had before. When smoked, it’s harsh and tastes terrible.

During the final weeks of the plant, I didn’t ‘flush’ per say but stopped all nutes and just gave water.

I feel like the smell has gotten better over time but I’m still embarrassed by it. Won’t even show it off to people. It’s been almost a month…will it come around in another month or is something horribly wrong?

I don’t have the experience on weed plant or any other plant but I start two auto sour d and I read is a lot of things make you bub smell or taste different and that thing are time to harvest, time to dry need to be bwt 6 to 12 day slow dry, and cure btw 2weeks to months depends if you re run to smk cuz more time in cure more better is the taste but like I said I just read that

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Maybe @Budz @GulfCoastGurilla they have better advices

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Jeez, I think my guy sold me some of your stuff last time I got some, judging from your description.


@Mr_Wormwood a less you ask for you money lmao

If someone sold me this stuff, I’d think it was fake.

I will say if I get past the terrible taste and burning of the throat, it does get you high.

Maybe I grew synthetic cannabis lol

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Went you go to dry you bub and cure is the more important thing in the bub cuz if you smk early the bub is full of water

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Yep that’s my stuff alright, lol.

I kid, it’s not that bad, but I’m sure the “cure” process, in what I’ve had available, is at least rushed. Cut grass smell, harsh on back of throat, tastes meh at best.

After reading here, I’m convinced I’ve never had really good quality herb. Looking forward to tasting weed that has subtle notes of citrus etc

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Zkilett or cooki or gelato look for some stain with a lot thc but problems for autos they jus get until 24 % of thc in photos you get more thc and look for sativa’s cuz I feel they re the best to smk and get high just I said that now I can judge the seed cuz my are one in seedling and one in 3 weeks

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My two sour diesel


Very nice!


I notice that you haven’t shared relative humidity and temperature, and I worry it’s because you weren’t managing those variables.

I have a bunch of GoVee humidity/temperature pucks that fit into jars. They’re only $5-6 each, and they’re completely reusable. Plus they’re Bluetooth enabled and log data for 1 month.


Thank I learning

Yeah temp and humidity another fact for dry and cure for better smell and taste

The next variable would be harvest time. And for that I’m looking almost exclusively at trichome maturity. You can buy a digital microscope on Amazon for $25, but a stand will be a bit more. A phone camera can take better macro pictures than the average stock DSLR costing $$$$, but you still want to add a zoom-macro lens kit if you’re going to use it for trichome evaluation. A jeweler’s loop is the cheapest option, but you can’t share photos from one.


I cut my wwa to soon also. Live and learn. Lucky i only cut 2 outta 3. My first grow. I am scared to post much. If your scared say your

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Other things is from where you get you seed

From iglm here

@keystonecops i am lostt also

@A79trumps Lmao :rofl::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: thats why you don’t cut if you don’t check you thricome and look if they ready don’t scare to let one more week